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  1. my forehead used to look like that, but not as much. they werent going away so i went to a derm. benzaclin made them alllll go away. it is great stuff. you'll see results in like 3 days. good luck.
  2. how long does it take for them to shrink? i just got two really big/wide ones. =/ i've had these holes from squeezing blackheads out before, but they were never this big! it's been 2 days already and they still have not shrunk back. what should i do? thanks.
  3. benzaclin saved my life! i'm now 95% or more clear! it is great stuff. n___n
  4. i have a pimple right in the middle of my forehead, it has turned white in the middle. i tried putting a hot towel on it and it didnt work. i also put ice on it. didn't work. i'm asking for help because (sometimes) whenever i get these, i get a light scar. what should i do? i also put benzaclin on it and it looks the same. nothing is working! thanks.
  5. i know they both contain the same things, but which one is better? i've been using benzaclin and it has been working pretty good, but it dries me out real bad. my derm prescribed duac for me yesterday, he said that it's less drying/irritating than benzaclin. is it bad to switch brands even though they are the same thing?
  6. i'm starting to have the same problem. my "scars" are REALLY tiny and extremely shallow though. theyre about the size of the poke of a needle (but i know they are not pores!) i hate it when they crust up and dont go away. what i do is i wash my fash realllly carefully , making sure i dont rub them off by accident. then, i rub them off on purpose after about 10 days. when i do rub them off in 10 days, there is no scar underneath. but that's just me. i have a derm appointment on monday and i'm
  7. when does it end? i just started using a 5% BP gel (Benzaclin). thanks.
  8. how long do you have to wait to put on moisturizer after putting on BP?
  9. i cried in the beginning too. now i dont. i just get frustrated. sigh...
  10. how do you guys deal with the scars , the ones that you got from picking?
  11. i think about my scars(got them recently) almost every single minute! it's getting really tiring and i'm so sick of it. sometimes, my heart beats really fast when i wake up because my scars are the first thing i think about. i think i have anxiety because of my scars. anyone else experienced this? (or am i the only weirdo?)