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  1. Is it posible and does it work? Can you do it on any size scar? My scars are like craters
  2. yeah i told both terms and everyone is like "i never even heard of that" and i will try those 2 docs you mentioned thx
  3. i phoned so many cosmetic surgoens no one does them
  4. I need a cosmetic surgeon that does punch floats in toronto
  5. Im going to try to hook up people here so everyone start posting a pic of yourself with your age.
  6. Some plastic surgeons will do punchs only and others will do excisions with scalpel only.
  7. Need advice on which method is better for pox scars
  8. I need a good Doc for my pox scars.
  9. Does permanent filler work well for pox scars? Wondering what are the costs. Anyone know a good Doc in Toronto to get this done?
  10. sup cipher glad to hear you got some confidence in a doc and his price seems very good.