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  1. Hi guys, can someone tell me if there's any info out there on how long retinoic acid binds to a receptor for? Or even, how long vit A or D stay at the receptor. I read something about it being possible to recommend accutane patients to load up on vit A before their course to limit the amount of receptors available to the crappy retinoic acid version. I'm just curious how long that retinoic acid could remain at the receptor. Surely it can't be permanently there. Unless it's so crappy that it fool
  2. I agree on needing a solution that applies to the whole picture. Everyone's pictures are different though. You're right in us requiring some serious organisation here. I actually sometimes envy the pfs guys because the symptoms don't seem as broad. We have links to all sorts of autimmune stuff going on which makes everything very confusing when a solution to ED is put forward next to details regarding fibromyalgia or flushing. What I will say, is that when I research what's going on with me pers
  3. All cool. I'm only interested in the theoretical stuff anyway. I wanted to know about the histamine thing because I have never experienced a single allergy in my life. I tried antihistamines on the off chance whilst I was taking accutane and it made no difference to my eyes. When my eyes went horrific overnight a few months back (a month after stopping my course), it seemed as though it was caused purely by relentless dryness. It's only in the last few weeks that I thought I'd take an oral all
  4. Thanks for the research. I notice that you mention checking for blood histimine levels in your footnote? Why is this? I've had some awful issues with my eyes of late. Truely awful. I have taken an oral antihsitimine the past few days, and my eyes feel noticeably better. At times up to now, I've had frequent periods where the discomfort has been so severe, I've been in a state of silent hysteria. The antihistimines seem to have helped? I have never experienced any allergies previously. Out of
  5. Also, anyone have any true/accurate/informed theories as to how long accutane lasts in the body? I quote you here Guitarman because I read a study a while back about a lady who took substantial quantities of vitamin A and ended up with hypervitaminosis. She had a load of side effects that seemed to subside when she stopped, but it seems it took a while, and when they tested her vitamin A levels 18 months later, I remember the levels were still wayyyyyyy higher than normal, I'm sure it was like 4
  6. On the Hyaluronic acid front (HA), I've come across quite a few good things about Baxyl too. Personally, I took HA in tablet form for just over two months and I don't feel I gained much. I purchased a copper supplement last week and Baxyl arrived from the US yesterday. Baxyl is a liquid form of HA which is apparently more bio-available. I took a teaspoon yesterday. As usual, I don't expect much, however, what I will say is that this morning my wakening joint pain wasn't too bad for the first tim
  7. Man, it's all pretty confusing, now we have all of this cannabis oil stuff coming in. I'm interested in the methylation side of things. Reading up on it is pretty confusing as well though. Having said that, reading the list of side effects attributed to deficiencies in the various, and seemingly un-testable, forms of B12, it lines up pretty well with all of the different things we see come up post accutane. Maybe/probably because it's a broad list in general. If the response time is true, I sup
  8. Hi, so you been suffering - bloody criminal!
    My son has shut down and i am really worried about him. I kown amongs other things he has lost all his muscle mass and has ED - bad  i suspect.

    I really trying to gigure out the ED mostly as I am worried about how this wil effect his emotional well being.
    You don't seem to mention ED - have you suffered from this?

    If yes can you give me the full picture like during or after accutane. 
    Do you still get excited around girls -sorry, i see you have a girlfriend.
    Low libido etc.
    I just can't understand how my son will cope with this.

    Thanks and good luck.

    I saw someone say acupuncture helped with their cold hands and feet.

  9. Again, new studies are showing all the time that people can recover from all sorts of illnesses. I mentioned previously that some people have put lupus and similar autoimmune diseases into remission through diet alone. Permanent remission sounds like a cure to me. Imagine if these people decided to not try anything and lived their life in horrible pain. Just because someone told them it was permanent and they'd have to live with it. Just because whatever damage done by accutane is a niche subj
  10. Yeah, sorry, I should have clarified, as I said, my antibiotic course has been prescribed due to severe dry eyes. It's our old friend doxycycline for three months. I looked into it and Doxy is often prescribed for SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), although a lot of people claim that their symptoms return within 6 months following their course. That's why I feel that, if I do take it for my eyes, it would be worth at least attempting to hit up some high strength, high variety pro-biot
  11. The antibiotic/vsl is my strongest plan of attack also. I'm hoping that as I've only been suffering a few months, I might be able to intervene. I saw an eye specialist yesterday. It's common for the oil glands (meibomian glands) to be devastated by accutane. The specialist believes I may have quit the course just in time as he could only see one gland that was missing in my lower lid (we have about 30 there), I was seriously relieved. He reckons there may have been some significant inflammation
  12. I'm catching up with things here. As I said, I don't know what has been discussed, but has diatomaceous earth come up here at all? Might be all hoodoo, but a lot of people say that it has helped them clear parasites. Apparently it's used as a de-worming agent in animals but comes in a human food grade also. Was thinking of giving it a try but it'd be good to hear if it's been tested here and if it's all bull?
  13. Hi guys, Newly damaged here ffs. I was going to post the details but I don't want to derail some seriously interesting stuff (I've been lurking for a few months). I read through a lot of the solvepfs stuff and it does seem like he's on to something. I know that his references to Hydrogen Sulphide caused by bacterial overgrowth have a lot of weight and make sense. (Not that I'm in a positive mood at the moment, the amount of things I've tried over the past few months because somebody said "
  14. Sorry for the late reply, I didn't see your post. I have to be honest.....and this is hard....because I'm struggling to accept it myself, but my sides seem to be getting worse if anything. I have moments where I start to feel like there's an improvement. And other times where I feel so much worse. I'm glad to hear that you're finding things are improving. My eyes and joints are still the worst part for me. I wake up with them burning most days, still have dry eyes and dry mouth. My only sh
  15. I used Mino for years, then went onto Lymecycline for years, then went back to Mino. Both kept me almost 100% clear for nearly 10 years straight but I was doing the regimen every day as well (maybe two pea sized drops of BP and then moisturiser) I think that's what helped prevent resistance for so long. Then I started breaking out again as a resistance finally kicked in. I was put on accutane, finished three months ago and I'm experiencing a lot of awful side effects from (terrible dry eyes and