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  1. some mirrors do, your car rearview mirror is the absolute worst, i like you have had a lot of depression but after using glycolic acid and AHA cream my skin is looking super and im not depressed or antisocial anymore, i highly recomment these products to anyone
  2. im being 100% full honest, your skin is clear but maybe the camera dosent catch it ?
  3. ive been using 50% lactic acid for 2 weeks and have gotten excellent results for my red marks, not so much my whiteheads
  4. i think that site you bough it off scammed you
  5. all depends on your skin type, if your skin is not burning, etc.. than your good to go
  6. I just read a thread that says alot of cleansers clog your pores and etc... are there any that dont clog your poor and actually cleanse your skin? thanks
  7. i know what you mean, my skin is unbelivably oily, i can take my finger and wipe my nose and my finger will look like it was dipped in water
  8. i bought some lactic acid a week ago and just got it today, i will be putting it on in about an hour, ive done about 7 glycolic acid peels and ive decided to switch to lactic acid because i hear its better for scars, and red marks, the glycolic acid helped alot but there some red marks left, but WAY less than when i started, i decided id tone it down a bit with lactic acid (50%)
  9. oh shit i just wash off my glycolic acid with just water...is that OK?
  10. what a suprise, my comment had been deleted by lionqueen
  11. i fell the same way...im ugly with or without acne, but uglier with
  12. you should be banned for that...no insults, you broke your own rules you ruthles MOD
  13. how do you apply tea tree leaf oil, do you leave it on or wash it off, how long thanx