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  1. Pityrosforum Folliculitis" is regularly misdiagnosed as acne Found the topic on the boards, heard it's easily treatable with the shampoo called Nizoral, only you use it on your body instead of hair, like gel during baths. And I thought, geez, maybe the acne that's on my back that appeared after i started working out/college is PF? BUY IT I bought it, but the bottle is really small and pretty expensive (nothing too expensive but still), so i used it up, and then i heard about Head&Shoulders
  2. Just this reflective moment, where I stopped to think about what I have been doing to prevent my acne ( been here and there, accuatance, antibiotics, vitamin b5 miracle shit, putting toothpaste on the zits, drinking too much water, eating rasins to cure my disease ), and it just depressed the shit out of me. All this revolving around the simple question - What causes my acne? Hey, this might turn into a humor topic, since some of peoples ideas on what's the cause is hilarious. So here's my li
  3. - I tried looking myself, thought I typed that - Not BP Wash/cream/lotion, the thing in your link is lotion, I need a solid bar - I don't have a paypal account so ebay kinda doesn't work for me Well, I'm gona keep looking for generics or something, if somebody has any ideas about how to obtain one in my situation, or comments please share Amazon fails too: Standard Shipping Rates Europe ETA 10 - 20 business days per Shipment $23.99 FFFFFFUCK
  4. Long story short, i'm after an accutane low dose round, and my acne pretty much came back, not as bad, but really spread ( face, neck, back, chest, occasional weird places ). Recently I started getting in shape, and I mean everyday is work out day for me and while my body looks a lot better my skin condition worsened ( how ironic ). So I use 10% benzoyl peroxide gel/cream, whatever, on my face, which works fine, but I need to use it on my back and chest too, and if I wanted to do that, I woul
  5. moja kuracja sie juz zakonczyla, kilka pryszczy mi wyszlo i myslalem ze jeszcze trzeba bedzie bedzie kontynuowac ale w sumie tam jeden czy dwa pryszcze to zaden problem. pozdrawiam
  6. witam i pozdrawiam ( 16 lat, kraków ) ja jestem juz w 5 miesiacu kuracji, wszystko bylo dobrze dopoki nie postanowilismy zmiejszyc dawki z 20mg/dzien do 20mg/2dni. po dwoch miesiacach brania 20mg co dwa dni zaczelo sie troche pogarszac ;( mialem robione badania krwi i mam podwyzszone trojglicerydy dwukrotnie poand norme, ide dzisiaj do pani derm pogadac
  7. the bear and the bunny went fishing and cought a golden fish. the fish said she would grant each of them 3 wishes. bear : I want to be the sexiest bear in the world. bunny : I wana bike. bear : Omg you idiot, you could have everything and you wished for a bike?! bear : I want to have the biggest dick in the world. bunny : i wana helmut for my bike. bear : jesus christ you dipshit, so many things you could get and you want a damn helmut?! bear : I want all the female bears to love me. bunny : I
  8. So ive been on accutane for over 3 months on 20mg/day and most of my acne is gone. My face cleared, my back and arms still have some old leftovers but no big deal. I hope my acne won't recover again at least not at the same level. I didn't have severe but it was pretty fucking annoying, on my face, neck, back, shoulders and triceps. I feel pretty good although I think I don't appreciate not having acne so much cause I don't care about it now when it's mostly gone =P, but i remember this feel
  9. mine was different we went to my friends parents old house on the country side, kinda like a farm house. it was really cold inside. it wasnt really a party cause there were only 4 people there haha ;0 but it was still awesome. we consumed some pot and vodka, went to old castle ruins through 3 feet thick snow and lighted some fireworks there. we met an old friend (drunk) who was with some dude there i didnt know ( i didnt see his face anyway cause when they walked up to us he fell on the snow
  10. the only long term change to my diet that i was able to make is eating honey when i feel the need to eat some sugar. i still eat everything i want, if i couldn't, what the point of living
  11. you can try various antibiotics that a derm would prescribe you but i dont think its worth it. i would try to get accutane before it gets worse.
  12. youre missing the point, that what you have will go away in a few days/weeks acne wont