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  1. they have it the same, they wear foundation with other makeup guys dont wear.
  2. well, i read some home remedies online, and decided that i could make a better one than just salt water in a bowl. lol so i added the three most effective ingredients from home remedies and put em all together then sterilized them (the boiling) and it works well for me so i think i did pretty well. plus you can carry it with you easily
  3. I decided to try to make my own "substance" that could be used as a wash/cleanser/toner all in one, all using ordinary ingredients. This is great for mild acne. First you take a film can "from the 35mm rolls of film", rinse it out with rubbing alcohol to make sure its nice and germ free. You take a half teaspoon of baking soda and half teasoon of salt and put it in a coffee mug. add 1'4 cup of fresh water and put it in the microwave until it boils. When it cas completely cooled off, scoop the
  4. well i've used the clearasil daily face wash, it was great for a while but then it got too drying, ive tried Ngena oil free acne wash, it was pretty good and better than clearasil. I've noticed that clean and clear morning glow face wash (in the orance bottle) is awesome. It has little beads that dont exfolitate, they burt letting out detoxifiers. try it
  5. Ive heard many good and bad things about clean and clear Persa-Gel but what do you think?
  6. for the guys- Old spice Sport pre shave wash with tea tree oil, I've tried it and its awesome for right before shaving or anyday, its cuts out the irritation and redness and smells great too
  7. Yea u got it right, it'll dry in about 2 days
  8. i've actually been using it for like 3 years and my skin is fine, almost never dry! hmmmm... Is there an opposite to sensitive skin because i think i have it!
  9. Has anyone used one of those kits that range from like 17-20 dollars? how well did they work because i almost bought one (Klean Action or something like that)
  10. You could be using low strength watery BP gel like Zapzyt, Persa-Gel, or OXY. I've used Clearasil off and on, and everytime i go back to it, i clear up in less than 4 days. The reason why Clearasil is different is because its not runny and its not oily feeling, its thick, easy to spread and maximun strength 10%. (ONLY USE IT IF YOUR SKIN CAN HANDLE IT!) This drys up my skin to get rid of everything, but strangly does not make my skin flake or redden. Try it, it could work
  11. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, available at department stores, its the moisturizer equivalent to a caviar and lobster dinner lol (its a fine product)
  12. Ok, try an aspirin mask which is do it yourself. You take 5 adult aspirin tablets and crush them up into a fine powder, add to only one tablespoon of water, and apply like a mask, leave on for 10 minutes and wash off. It's awesome and faded my marks on the first application! ps. dont get it in your eyes, it stings like soap
  13. Ive switched back and forth from 2.5 to 10, 10 to 5, 5 to 10 (you get the point). My skin has never got worse or more irritatted when i was doing this, so i dont think you should have a problem, though all skin types are different
  14. mine still works. If it's too irritating to use alot, try using sensitive BP gel, its what i use and its awesome.
  15. I dont really notice it, because my face still get oily as the day goes on, but if i dont use the BP because i was in a hurry and forgot, im wiping my face every 5 minutes, so i guess you're right.