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  1. that's great! and guys, trust me, it really is pretty unnoticable for a guy to have acne. it's almost ABNORMAL when he DOESN'T have acne, so yes..i totally think there's no problem with that. unless you have horrendous severe acne which you should be treating with accutane or whatever. it SUCKS being a girl though ](*,)
  2. ohh i so agree. i look awful in hairdresser lightening..i have mild acne but i still have red marks and stuff..and that lightning is just badddd.
  3. i've got mild acne now, i used to have moderate severe. and i'd be all 'hey, if i'm clear, my problems are sorted!' gah. sure, it's nice to have four zits on all of my face maximum, than 10 zits on all of my face minimum, but i realised i just have shitty skin. i mean, these red marks, won't fade after months..and i have superly white sensitive skin, and basically anything causes it to be red. then i get these flakes in the winter, along with really annoying tiny blackheads on my nose. i'm thin
  4. nothing, at all, works for my red marks. not glycolic acid, not tape method, nor the neutrogena multi vitamin. last choice is mandelic acid, but i dont know what products contain this acid. anyone know?
  5. honestly..even though i'm through with acne, i have the ugliest red marks that i have had for about 4 months, and they won't budge. i've tried tape methods, neutrogena multi vitamin..everything FAILS. my skin is disgusting..it's uneven, blotchy, sensitive..and those red marks don't help. i hate gawping at other people's skin, and i'm sick of spending ages camouflaging myself with pounds of concealer and foundation. i need help..im giving in ..i dont wanna leave the house anymore..
  6. anything you would recommend for horrible dry, flaky skin? i can't wear make up because it looks awful..and without make up it also looks awful. its like i have a scrunched up old woman's skin.. i am using moisturizers but they don't get rid of the flakes..and exfoliating irritates. ideas? PLEASE please PLEASE.
  7. i had those closed comedones, and they annoyed me a LOT. what i did was see my derm and she said i have to get a glycolic acid peeling mask thing. so thats what i got. i think she put this really strong glycolic acid on my face, it stung and she left it for a while. on the next day all of those closed comedones came to surface (well 80% did) and i could treat them normally from then. i had to get another one of those peels to get all of those comedones up. i have to repeat this process every 3 m
  8. i have a crap load of tiny blackheads on my nose and i have no clue what to do about them..any ideas?
  9. i have these yucky red marks on my cheeks..or shall i say, gray marks? haha. i've had them for about 2 months, and they used to be pink so it was alright, now they make my skin complexion look..yucky worn out redish gray :-s yeh so i've been using neutrogena for a week, so far dont see any results. any other ideas of what i could do, and how long did it take you to see results with neutrogena?
  10. yeh thats coz the GA cleans out everything, so all those blackheads and comedones are coming to surface. hang in there.
  11. i have a guy in our school with moderate acne, and he had it for a while. i always wanna run up to him and go GO TO ACNE.ORG IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE. but then again, i have never talked to him and that would just be rude. anyone know what i mean?
  12. wow its great to know im not the only one 8-[ i also try flipping my hair on my face whenever someone gets near me. or i pretend to scratch my cheek so i block half my face. its a nasty habit damnnn.
  13. um yeah i dont eat dairy but i have acne problems. im a vegetarian. btw we drink our MOTHER's milk as babies..
  14. does the cold get through? strange..i thought the bag would be thick?