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  1. Know how your feeling bud...Im in the exact same situaton as you,turned 21 last month,look like shit and my life is going nowhere fast....Im also 8 grand in debt and have a few friends 21st's coming up,which im in no mood or have the dosh to go to..... When im in the mood you are (im in it now) I just do what I feel,not going to college tomorrow,will play Fifa all day
  2. Turned 21 on the 22nd of september and it has got me down nearly a month on... It just hit me that I am 21,still have acne,have a receding hairline and in a course I dont like.. Im not a kid/young man anymore but I still live like one... Live at home on the weekends,play xbox constantly and have no money at all,not much luck with ladies either.... The good days are gone I feel...
  3. wow! i didn't realize that it was that bad. did you try taking tylenol?
  4. If you have pale sensitive skin,then be very careful not over do the bp,it can be lethal... I remember a thread (about 18 months back) when a member went to see his Derm after using plentiful amounts of Bp,the chemical burn crept up so slowly that he didnt even notice it,until his derm pointed out that his face had tiny little bumps almost invicible to the eye covering most of it....His derm looked at his face with a magnifying glass to discover his face had light chemical over most of it....Bp
  5. Not impressed at all by Dans moisturiser..... I ordered 5 bottles the day it came out,so I have been using it for a week now and Im not impressed... It just doesnt moisturiser well enough and is much too watery for my liking....I have been off the Eucerin dry skin relief mosituriser for a week now and my skin is much drier and tighter because of it,I find myself having to use 4 or 5 pumps of Dans Moisturiser to moisturise perfectly,even then my face would feel tight,with flakes begining to f
  6. At 20 Im going to give it 2 more years before I take that plunge....Im still hanging on to the hope that my mild acne is youth related....I wont be around here much, so all the best Maverick...
  7. Glad to hear, your having such success Maverick....Ive been hear a while now and have had the pleasure of watching your numerous "this product is the best,my skin is perfect" threads go to shit
  8. thanks for that Elsewhere,I have never seen that experiment before "slit experiment" its wow....we are not meant to be watching lol,really cool,much better than the cat experiment.. Although obviously I find it very hard to believe,as cant you change the course of something if you watch it?...After watching the water clip from the bleep movie where if you believe enough,you could walk across water is very weird,our minds believe what it wants to believe so it is possible in theory just like rel
  9. Thanks Elsewhere I am downloading that film now,I love that stuff... Agree its of course possible to believe in both,and be somewhere in the middle,I dont believe in God,I believe in Life as in supposing you find a planet, which is ready for life. Has the right gases present (oxygen, carbon monoxide etc) and water. We send up a probe to that planet. The probe has bacteria from Earth. This bacteria is transferred to this planet and over millions of years intelligent life evolves. Does this make
  10. Why dont you talk about it here dolfan? Would be quite interesting....anyone's prayers been answered? Like just for arguments sake how do christians explain dinosaurs? If the world is ony 5000 years old....how do you justify these big bones? Just something thats really bothered me. Did the Devil put them there or something Personally I think religion is dodgy as it depends largely on where you were born imo. If you are born in the Vatican, chances are you'll become a Catholic. If you are
  11. Let's be honest, they don't. Alot of girls want a guy to be taller than them because if the guy is shorter, it's just awkward and doesn't fit the norm I guess.
  12. So will it be ready for the summer Dan?It feels like weve been waiting years for it.
  13. Acne rule number 1,anything that has clearasil on the side is crap. Seriously this company is a joke. Dont waste your hard earned.
  14. Its not worth it,I gave up almost everything for 4 months and it was pure torture,my acne got a bit better,but it was not enough to make up for the enjoyment of sitting down watching prison break with a mars,a can of coke,a bowl of cocktail sausages and a smoke in my hand. We shouldnt derprive ourselves of something we love,when theres really no need imo.
  15. You must have quite mild acne Maverick because Hydro peroxide and SA have never done anything for my acne.
  16. Dans cleanser is great and all,but it doesnt give a comfortable shave imo.Its ok if you use it now and again when you have little to cut but using it all the time doesnt really cut it. I feel you would be better off using a high quality shaving cream and brush which will give great protection from the blade. Using a single blade safety razor like the Merkur DE razor would really help you. http://www.menessentials.com/oxid.php/sid/...3399b7.25606806
  17. Your a prodaholic Maverick.keep it up your sparing ous a lot of cash
  18. http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/9838/ma...ifferencyj8.jpg
  19. So what do you use now orion,how did you ween yourself off the regimen,you must have had dry skin,redness etc for a long while after it.Im thinking off giving up the regimen as well.Ive been on it 18 months now and its overkill for my mild acne Im not worried about going off the bp as Ive been off it before,its the dryness which is the main concern I dont want to use any products no more just shower,shave,go out,eat right and get an allergy test to see what foods im allergic to so I can cut them