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  1. "I feel like shit and thats all you have to say" Reflect.
  2. Sorry to hear about your boyfreind. All I can say to you is that dont lose hope, things will get better with time. I'm sure you will meet someone who will love and care for you and make you trully happy.
  3. I know your all thinking "what the hell do you know, you dont know how I feel" and your right I dont. What I do know is that there are lots of people out there who are suffering alot more than we are. You know I am the most pathetic whinger sometimes and I ask myself "why me god, why do I have this bloody acne" but you know what its that attitude which has held me back for so many years. I have a weak personality which became even weaker with acne but now slowly I am learning to deal with thing
  4. Hey Jack, Dont lose hope, I too have been where you are and sometimes I still find myself walking down the street of despair. You must focus on one thing that makes you happy when you are really low. I would also advise you to express your feelings as you have done because we are all here to give you support, listen and try to give you the best advice we can. Keep your head up mate you are never alone.
  5. Hi Jenny, I'm really happy for you girl. I am 29 and still suffer from acne and yes it does feel like it is never going to end but always have hope. I'm sure things will get better for you and remember that you are never alone. I found thes boards last week in exactly the same way as you and everyone on here has ben great. You really can open up about who you feel because other people understand. Its surprising just how many people are in the same boat and it kind of makes you feel "normal".
  6. ((((((((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))))))
  7. I am so glad that ou said how you feel and you let those emotions out. I'm not going to say yeah I know how you feel becaase each individual feels differently. I can however relate to everything you said. The best thing that happened to me yesterday at 11:30pm is I found this forum. What I want to say to you is you are never alone, you have people on here you can talk to and you should make the effort to express your feeling to those who can relate to you. You remind me very much of my sister.
  8. hey there Adam, if the webcam allows you to interact with people without feeling self-concious then thats great. Whats more important is that the people who you talk to like you for who you are, and I think your a really nice guy. One day you are going to make some girl really happy, live in hope Bro.
  9. I totally understand where your coming from. At school I got teased alot, even my so called freinds use to take the piss. Im glad that they are not my freinds anymore. I think its a reaction people have, tehy will look and stare at something which is not "normal". Its very frustrating because it makes you feel 1000% worse than you did but people without acne wont understand that. At work I use to notice that when I spoke to people and if I have a breakout they would itch there face where my
  10. By the way, Im from the UK, what part of the US is Kentucky in? Im from the Middle part of England, just off to play Footie, or what you would call soccer, wish me luck )
  11. Hi Amanda, Look I know it must be real tough for you right now and you feel so low, but you must always have hope that one day things will get better. I kow your probably thiking "what does he know", but belive me I know. I have been where you are and to be honest sometimes i still feel that way but I still live in hope that one day I wont look in the mirror and feel my heart sink. You are never alone and there are plenty of poeple going through the same things you are. If you need to talk you
  12. Hey Maws, Ive been exactly where you are and know how you feel. Just remember that things will get better. If you can get prescribed accutance then go for it, Im sure it will help. I tried it and there was an improvement. Just remember that no matter how bad it gets you have people you can turn to on this site.
  13. I know how you feel. I find it difficult looking at people when I talk to them but at the end of the day the way I see it is they stare and my face when they are talkin to me instead of looking me in the eye, then they shallow. No matter how bad it gets you know you can talk to people on here, you will always have someone to turn to. Now tell me whose your favourite band at the moment?
  14. Hey thanks you guys for replying. I look forward to posting here regularly.
  15. Hi, I used tea tree oil face awsh and its good. Wont leave your face dry like most soaps. Its made by australian bodycare, seach it on google. Hope it helps.