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  1. am I doing it correct? because I hear people trying ice cubes, and baking soda paste with the regime. Morning and Night *Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser bar *Wait 15mins *2.5% BP *Wait 15 mins *Cetaphil Moisturize
  2. any one know any cheap vitamin b-5 supplements? I been taking the GNC one's for quite a while, and I am afriad I can't keep up with the price. Im on dan regimes and its working splended, and with the useage of the b-5 is quite speedy!
  3. Whats the cheapest bp tube? The cheapest I have ever found was at Wal-Mart for $3.25, it was the neutrogena vanishing on-the-spot 0.75 oz.
  4. I smoke trees all the time, pines, oaks, redwoods and nothing came up so
  5. I have very mild case acne, and this the first time I have a a big acne lump on my back what do i do"?
  6. I finnaily got my self some 2.5% bp from neutrogena but mistakenly i got the tinted verison, will it still work for me?
  7. come on don't be mean here guys, I tryed the b-5 to its wonderful first week and the whiteheads and blackheads are gone!
  8. castle thanks you been a big help with the regime. Is it normal to have a burning, tightness feeling after the regime? I am having a very tight feeling around my mouth after using the bp and its only been about 3 days now.
  9. Should i ice a certain spot before applying bp? will it help? also is it a good idea if you devolp a pinkish blimise to ice it or just leave it alone? sry for spelling =p
  10. I am taking 10g/20 caps a day, along with dans regime, first week and acne kinda went down should i add dans regime with this or is it a bad idea?
  11. I am taking 10g of b5 in divided dosages. Also i am limiting my dosage of the bp. 1st week - half a finger lengtht
  12. Will it be a problem if I combine the b-5 intake with dan's regime? has any one tried it? and what were the results?
  13. can you explain it step by step I kinda get confused...
  14. the problem is I live no where around any walmarts or Meijers stores. My doctor only has a 5%BP aqueous base gel and I have ordered it for as little as $10 for 8 oz. of it. Is 5% BP any good? I can't obtain a 2.5%BP so will 5% BP work the same? Has any one tried 5% BP?