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  1. im goin on holiday this week to a hot country....anyone had any experience as to whether or not my red marks will worsen or disapeer?
  2. Week 29 welllllll here i am! just popped my last *hopefully* everrrrrrr accutane tablet! i hope my skin stays clear forever n ever n ever n ever hehe i just need 2 get rid of the red marks! good luck everyone...and fanx for all the support but il stick around on these message boards n help any1 who needs some...believe me i know how tough it is! x x x
  3. how long are you supposed to wait until its ok to have sex again without taking the pill e.g only condoms? im not a lover of the pill and always forget to take it! just wondering...
  4. Week 28 only 10 days to go! i hope this clear skin last
  5. Week 27 Same as last week...been a good week
  6. Week 26 Same as last week i desperatly wanna get rid of the scars n red marks!
  7. Week 25 an okay week. the red marks are startin 2 bug me now
  8. Week 24 hey all another good week 4 me been 2 see the derm and hes given me my last 6 weeks worth of tane!then im fineto'd! cant waiiiit!
  9. welllll i have been on tane for approx 6 months now and i have 6 weeks worth left until my course is complete! im feeling pretty good about my skin at the moment and iv also got a new boyfriend.its been a few months now and its pretty obvious what we wanna do....butttt im not on any contraception..is it safe to just use a condom whilst on tane?iv heard stories sooo i just thought id ask for a bit of help. thanks
  10. Week 23 feelin good about my skin this week wonder how long it will last....! got a derm appointment on tues 2 see whether i will need anymore tane or whether my journey is overrr
  11. iv been through the ups and downs of tane and finallllllly im on the last week of tane! lifes been pretty good lately buttt this last week iv been running out of tablets sooo iv had to cut my dose from 40mg a day to 20mg so that i will have enough to last until i see my derm next week. whilst iv done this i have 3 new pimples!!! im stressin out now because im worried my skin will jus go back to how it was before as soon as stop the tablets! any1 had this prob b4? thanks
  12. Week 22 hmmm im gettin bit worried!! iv got a few pimples..iv nearly run outa tane because im goin back to the hospital next week to see if i'll need another course! i hope not but then again i dont think i could live without it!! aww no worries...DONT give up whatever u do!i know the feelin believe me!! but uv got to hang in there knowin that 1 day...v soon...u will have clear skin or at least a good improvement! that stage of tane is tough but things only get better..trust me! hope u feel
  13. Week 21 still the same really jus red marks n scars...n a few tiny lil spots my face took quite a while to clear....i'd say a good three month before i noticed a goods difference! how long have u been on? although it did start to improve after about a month...the breakout began to calm a bit!
  14. Week 20 just red marks and scars left now. corrine_1980..dont worry the breakout period will be over in no time!!!time flysssss when your on tane!ul be clear before u know it good luck
  15. does the scarring begin to heal? or will my face have these hole-like marks on it forever? thankin you