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    Milk Mask

    I've heard from my elders that Milk mask can improve acne and your skin overall. All you really do is just wash your face with milk before you shower and let it dry for about 5-10 minutes then just jump in the shower and wash your face. Im gonna try this because milk has tons of vitamins. Just a thought for anyone that wants something new to try. I will let you guys know over time if it improves anything.
  2. Its funny that my story is similar to yours. You just think back that you were once clear and you did not take it forgranted. I was clear most of my life, it started Jan 2005 when I started breaking out and it hasnt stopped. Its been off and on throughout 2005, had my good months and bad ones. Starting 2006, its the same as 2005. I wish I could go back to 2004 and before when my skin was clear. I have no clue why I keep getting this breakout. My skin was perfectly fine before 2005. I wake up eve
  3. Hey Jan Carlo, So whats your current regiman as of right now? Just wash with water in the morning and night and use moisturizer at night?
  4. Sup Ballaballa, Im tryin this new thing that Enigma is doin. I used to use proactiv but the BP wasnt helpin my red marks cuz thats all I really got. I got redmarks on both sides of my jawline. All im doin is washin with Cetaphil morning and night. But at night im usin AHA lotion that has 10% GA. You should try it man ... if u havnt at least. This is my 4th night that I been doin this and Im actually gettin positive results. I'll let u know by like week 2 if its still improving.
  5. How many times a day do you use it Reddick? just night only? Thanks!
  6. Also- another question for ya enigma. Once u started this product, did you notice an immediate effect? Also, did it break you out at all that you notice? Thanks for answering
  7. Hey enigma, would you recommend this product? Seems like its worth a shot.
  8. Saw a post earlier saying it faded some of their marks. I was looking at some of their products and came upon this one http://www.vitacost.com/KissMyFaceAha4Moisturizer . Has anyone used this before? I think I might go to the local drug store and see if they have this product. Im asian so I have brown marks. They are only on my jawline and it takes FOREVER to fade. Just trying to speed up the process because its killing me. Thanks guys
  9. Im actually using the L'Oreal Exfoliater Dermbrasion. Its working quite well, im using it every other day. I was thinking about doing it every night to help speed up the process but I was scared my skin might get irriated. I guess im gonna try it daily and see how it works since some of you are doing it daily as well. Thanks for the input.
  10. I use L'Oreal Microdermbrasion for exfoliating the skin. Working well so far.
  11. How often did you use St. Ives? I know it exfoliates your skin. Im currently using L'oreal microdermbrasion exfoliater and am getting good results using it every other day. I wonder if its okay to use it daily to help speed up the process. Please let me know, thanks
  12. Are u still using the proactiv lightning lotion Dolly? Is it working effectively? Please let me know. Thanks!