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  1. 10% bpo kills my cysts, i actually have one by DDF that i got at sephora (a sample of it) and it's 10% bpo plus sulfur. It dries them up and you're left with a dry patch that you can peel right off after a few days, and there is ok skin underneath. then you can put on some neosporin to get the redness to go down.
  2. i've been using peter thomas roth 2% beta hydroxy acid wash for a little over a week and i love it--i know it's early to tell but it's not overdrying (i use it twice a day along with a gentle natural cleanser, to do exfoliation with). i have sensitive skin with an oily t-zone. my forehead looks so much better--my pores are so clear just after a week. i like the ingredients in it--not too many. for 30 bucks, it better be good!!
  3. Try the aspirin mask, with vinegar: put a lot of uncoated/microcoated aspirins in a bowl, pour some drops of vinegar on top, aspirin will dissolve and make a paste. spread it on warm damp face (just after showering perhaps). leave it on for 15 minutes or more or less depending on if it dries and flakes off, etc. also maybe try a glycolic acid toner, i'm using a neutrogena one, i think DDF makes one (expensive), you could do a search for one on www.makeupalley.com and find a good one. als
  4. Hi... I was browsing this list of products (http://zerozits.com/Articles/acne_detective/article6.htm) to see if any of my new products (I got a bunch 50% off at vitamin shoppe) would be bad to use, and I came across carageenan, which I'm probably spelling wrong, but after reading it I realized it's a thickening agent used in my Aloe Vera Gel (I use lily of the desert from a health food store, it's pure aloe with just the thickening stuff to hold it together I guess). I've noticed that I have
  5. aspirin is salicylic acid; or just about the same thing. you take a bunch of aspirins and put them in a bowl and then put some drops of water over them, enough water so the aspirins start dissolving, get a spoon and start mixing them up so they will dissolve faster, make it into a thick paste. get your face a little heated up and wet and then spread the aspirin paste all over it. leave it for about 10 minutes, it will dry and start getting powdery so you'll want to take it off anyway. wash i
  6. what kind of cleanser do you use? maybe something in it is making your face irritated??? i know if i use one with the sodium lauryl whatever in it (like in most cleansers out there), my face gets pissed off. and, do you use BP? once i quit bp, within about a month, my face was not getting red anymore like it used to (beet red).
  7. what is vitamin K? Is that like an oil?? Could it be clogging your pores or something? Maybe you should add something into your regimen, some sort of exfoliating mask (not a manual exfoliator) like a glycolic peel but not as harsh. Like a papaya peel, or something. And do that in the middle of the week, a couple days before or after your glycolic peel.
  8. I started doing this about two weeks ago. To tell you the truth I didnt think it would do anything but I have really seen an improvement in my face. I'm also using a sorta natural cleanser by Earth Science which I really like. But as for your question, I shower twice a day, but at night, I do the Earth Science cleanser in the shower, like a normal wash, and then I get out and pat my face dry but not all the way dry. So then I get dressed and stuff and by that time my face is dry, so I mix to
  9. That is way too many times a day to steam your face! You're going to just keep irritating it. Why not try to steam it twice a week instead, and use something after you steam, like honey or something. That seems to work for me. If your face is 99% clear, why go on Accutane?
  10. I think after awhile your skin gets used to glycolic acid. Plus it needs time to heal! Maybe you should do a glycolic peel once a week or alternate it with a lactic acid peel, and on the other days use a cream with glycolic acid in it--i just bought the Alpha hydrox one at walgreens with 12% aha in it.
  11. I'm not sure if this pertains to you but here's my experience with 10% BP: I've been using it for about 5 years, and recently stopped using it about 3 weeks ago. Part of the reason I stopped was because I want to try to put less chemicals on my face but also because I was always getting comments about how RED my face was. So once I stopped using BP not only did I get a minor breakout but now my skin SUCKS--only 1 active pimple but the texture is AWFUL and I have lots of ruddy red patches and s
  12. I recently bought this mask at Walgreens, it was from a choice of three but i have oily skin so I picked the one with the clay. it does have fruit extracts in it which made me nervous because supposedly that could make skin break out. i've used it twice so far (thursday night and this morning) and so far i like it--no breakouts from it. it's made my skin appear less oily, especially my forehead. i'm not sure if it's the greatest clay mask out there but it seems to work ok until i find someth