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  1. bacon88

    Does Acne Ever Die?

    yo dont worry, it'll go away with time. My acne was pretty bad when I was 15-17.. and though i still get the occasional pimple (now that im 20), my skin is far more managable.
  2. bacon88

    I heard urine works.

    yeah yeahh, i heard dog shit works too. Just eat it, or smear it all over your spots. Honestly though, you guys are drinking and rubbing piss all over your face to try to diminish acne... it obviously isn't the solution to your problem. Have more dignity
  3. bacon88

    Question for men who shave

    its the same with me too. whenever i shave, i feel my acne looks worse too.. i use an electric shaver, so i know theres no irritation.
  4. bacon88


    hey, if i take probiotics along with minocycline, will it just restore the good bacteria and keep on killing the bad bacteria? therefore theres no harm in taking antibiotics for a long time? also will it minimize some of the side effects that ive been getting from taking antibiotics for a long period of time (hair thinning, brittle toe nails, etc)? thanks
  5. bacon88

    Moisuizer in Europe

    La Roche Posay Effidrate or Hydranorme Theyre expensive, but the best moisturizers you can get in my opinion. Dermatologists always recommend them for accutane users here in Austria because theyre the only ones that can combat the dryness that well. good luck!
  6. bacon88

    anyone used La-Roche Products?

    the moisturizers by them are amazing.. i think theyre only available in europe though.. if u can obtain them, get effidrate or hydranorme (for severly dry skin)
  7. well ive been on minocycline for about a month and a half and im still breaking out... dont know if i should stop and ask for something else or if i should keep on taking it until it starts working...?
  8. bacon88

    The Most Effective Oral Antibiotic

    doxycycline worked amazing for me, completely cleared me in a couple of weeks. now after about 10 months of taking it, my acne started to return and i decided to take minocycline. now after a month of minocycline my acne is sitll the same.. is it possible that my acne built resistance to all tetracyclines?
  9. bacon88


    looks pretty phony to me. it has a picture with a guy with obvious scarring on his temples, next picture after using the cream whabam gone! also looks like fake sucess stories and photoshopped images, dont waste your time + money.
  10. copy & paste from dan's guidelines?
  11. bacon88

    accutane oxytetracycline

    i think its ok to take an antibiotic the first month of your accutane treatment to lessen the IB, but its definately not advisable to take antibiotics throughout the entire accutane course. dont do it!
  12. bacon88

    Breakout Only on Weekends???

    did u go out drinking?
  13. bacon88

    Accutane BIG decision!! =s

    yess! u made the best decision. i almost didnt take accutane at first, regreted it after i saw the way it worked on one of my friends.. got on it immediately, and im still clear 2 years after taking it. one of the best decisions ive ever made! if anyone has any questions, or would like before or after pictures, pm me and ill send you via email! good luck
  14. go on it again. the only thing you have to lose is your acne.. and hopefully for good! accutane works differently on everybody.. ive had friends who have taken it and within a year their acne is back but not half as bad. i turned out one of the lucky ones and still dont have much acne after 2 years.. good luck.