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  1. johnard


    it is better man
  2. johnard


    this is my favorite picture..this was taken last september 5 before i leave philippines ... at this time i was just finish having my 2 weeks under skin peeling..so it is a little much nice skin. but look at my face now..i stopped using those medications coz i cannot buy one here in UK but i am now using BP
  3. johnard

    Ako po at pamangkin ko.jpg

    see you can see the scars...
  4. johnard

    Camera Pic(237).jpg

    do i look like harry potter???????? well not!!! why? im the harry potter with lots of scars and acener version. go!!!
  5. johnard

    Camera Pic(530).jpg

    if only i have clear skin... i would be the happiest guy in the world
  6. johnard


    sometimes when i took a picture of myself..i took on light time...or with much brightness so that scars wouldnt that much visible
  7. johnard


    me wearign contact lense...if you take a look deeply you can see the scars
  8. johnard


    lastweek of septermber..its not much visible coz my scars and acnes are just both in the cheeks
  9. johnard


    this was taken last month with my ex girlfriend.... still if i go outside i put a lot of brown foundation.. that matches my face color...so that it would ot much oily and scars would very much visible
  10. johnard


    look not too bad if i put some foundation on
  11. johnard

    my left face

    this is the very worst part of my face. but sometimes when i go out... i put some foundation that match the color of my skin ,,,so that its not much oily and i put also some conelear .. you know..this sucks!!! but still they say im still cute but i dont believe them..guys..will this be back to normal?pls tell me?????huhuhu i dont have onfidence going to the public places... but its not very much noticeable coz i keep smiling and put a light make up on it..hehe but the make up which is jus t
  12. johnard

    look at my face before and now

    because of this fucking scars ... i wasnt able to continue my modeling career!!! this sucks!!!!!!! very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. From the album: my new pics

    sometiems most of my pics is not very much noticeably visible on scars and acne but if you take a closer look ... it sucks!
  14. johnard

    my left face

    From the album: my new pics

    this sucks!!!1
  15. wow your a filipino????????Really... we have the same color friend..i am filipino also ... pure... hey can we be friends?>
  16. johnard

    92605C copy.jpg

    honey i felt pitty for you..i have lots of acne before just like that but now not anymore..but scar were left
  17. johnard


    its not too bad man.. me ..well..i have scars at all..so descouraging
  18. can i buy accutane in the drugstore?without prescription?pls tell me..i have tiny scars in my left and right ckeck..but more in left..pls bro tell me i need your help..
  19. johnard

    oh goodness..

    are youa filipino?from hwere are you originally?where you now presently?
  20. hey bro.. yeah.. we have the same case bro..before my pimples is alsmost like you..ive tried lots of products but still not effect.. i just leave it..after about 4 years..look at me now..before my pimples get start by 2nd highschool..5 years ago..now..i dont have much pimples.. but you know what,... i have lots of big scars on my face thats why i dont leave it oily... i put powder or foundation or conceler on it.. you wont notice much in my pics but in personal...you will see yo
  21. well what a big improvemet..you look very much good looking man...trust me bro...i like you..hehehe
  22. johnard


    From the album: my new pics