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  1. me...? well.. probably in glasgow. lol anmyone make friends with me here ring me im john 07940567329
  2. johnard

    Picture 047.jpg

    what are u using? any advice for my scars?
  3. johnard

    Right Cheek Scars

    how the hell is that a 'model' picture hi mate.. you know what.. try to to gain.. you loook better if you gain weight.. we almost have the samge condition..and i am as thin as you before. but i gain little weight now.. they say my scars are ok.. it doesnt matter coz they say i am good looking.. you try
  4. johnard


    its not bad bro
  5. hey out of curiusity from where are you originally? whats your race
  6. your scars are like mine
  7. johnard

    another post of me

    and in adition youre a pretty guy
  8. johnard

    another post of me

    wish my scars are just like yours.... hmpf!!!1
  9. johnard

    this sucks

    oh really... well..i guess it would take a long year before it would renew your skin by accutane.... bro...my friends whos from my country , when they go to such place as japan, uk , or any cold place... they say your skin will turns good.. thats why i am looking forward for the snowing here... coz you know i am just new here in england.. and the reason why i am here is trying to have my luck about my scars... now i just leave it...!!! it cost a lot of money1!!
  10. johnard


    this was taken last october 1..in london train..as usual..i put cream and foundation
  11. johnard

    this sucks

    see this face sucks!!!!!!! but i put concelear and foundation always if i go out so that scars would very much visible
  12. johnard

    this sucks

    From the album: my new pics

    hate this... just taken yesterday
  13. johnard

    this pic was just last march

    this pic was last february... my face is likely better this time..i just put a lot on whitening cream thats why it is not much noticeable ( scars)
  14. well...yeah bro.,.if you have a clear skin you will be more gorgeous and good looking.. but my face is worse than you...huhuhu
  15. yeah bro..your still handsome..so cheer up
  16. johnard


    your scars is just like mine friend
  17. i felt pitty for you dude...you know????? just try not to to use for medications for a several weeks...im sure.,.. it would be better..thas what me before.... try not to use medicine ..only wash it mornign and evening with warm water and your cleanser..only that... coz u might using some medicine which not suitable for your skin..man..try my advice pls