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Picture Comments posted by johnard

  1. ummm....you have clear skin...no problems here...stop posting your "model" pictures on this site im so sick of that shit

    :eh: how the hell is that a 'model' picture ;):D:D

    hi mate..

    you know what.. try to to gain.. you loook better if you gain weight..

    we almost have the samge condition..and i am as thin as you before.

    but i gain little weight now..

    they say my scars are ok..

    it doesnt matter coz they say i am good looking..

    you try

  2. oh really... well..i guess it would take a long year before it would renew your skin by accutane.... bro...my friends whos from my country , when they go to such place as japan, uk , or any cold place... they say your skin will turns good.. thats why i am looking forward for the snowing here... coz you know i am just new here in england.. and the reason why i am here is trying to have my luck about my scars... now i just leave it...!!! it cost a lot of money1!!

  3. i felt pitty for you dude...you know????? just try not to to use for medications for a several weeks...im sure.,.. it would be better..thas what me before.... try not to use medicine ..only wash it mornign and evening with warm water and your cleanser..only that... coz u might using some medicine which not suitable for your skin..man..try my advice pls

  4. this is my favorite picture..this was taken last september 5 before i leave philippines ... at this time i was just finish having my 2 weeks under skin peeling..so it is a little much nice skin. but look at my face now..i stopped using those medications coz i cannot buy one here in UK but i am now using BP