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    watching dvd/ wrestling
  1. guys last time i post pictures was 2 to 3 years ago... sorry i havent been on the site for such a long time.. its only becoz its depressing watching this people share same stories .. sad.. lonely.. no confidence.... it makes me feel really bad so i decided not to visit it.. now im back and id like to show people how much my skin does improve.. take note..i made my hair longer for 2 reasons... 1. to hide the scars in the side of my forehead... in that way they dont look as bad.. 2. keeps m
  2. me...? well.. probably in glasgow. lol anmyone make friends with me here ring me im john 07940567329
  3. guys... if you look at my pic... you can see that my face is very much clear... but if you look deeply and deeply.. specially in person.. you will see that i have pimple scars in my face...left and right.. iver tried skin peeling then my dermatologist give me bleaching soap rejuvinating solution(toner) placenta cream sunblock cream but now i stopped using it... theres a little effect but still you can see the scar... guys... any tips????????????????>pls [attachmentid=2305][attachment
  4. guys. having a clear skin is very awesome...in my case....i still have pimples and not just pimples...also scars on it.. before i have sever pimple....now i only have few but it still worst for everyubody...some of my pimple is cured but it leaves scars on it..maybe in my pics you woudnt notice much if theres pimples or scars..but upclose and in person, you could say that i have big scars and pimples i dont have guts to go to parties or to the mall..i am shy ...people say i look good but if i