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  1. i sometimes use the third step as spot treatment. but yeh. all over. to drying.
  2. hi. i had Kenacomb prescribed to me awhile ago, before accutane. for inside my nose. just wondering what i can use it for? in nose.......what about lips? oh, and i think its called viaderm aswell.
  3. thankyou beentheredonethat, your the answer to all my questions.
  4. hi. does anyone here apply more than one lipbalm at once? and wondering what combination u use. because i feel vaseline is very good except it seems to kinda wash of easy, so i apply blistix over the top. which is more waxy. hmmm....i dont know.
  5. u mean Erythromycin? how is that working for u? did u get an inital breakout?
  6. hi. i went to a derm. she said i needed accutane. take 20mg for a week and then 40. i didn't like her tho, she just wasen't very nice. So i went to another derm and she put me on antibiotics for the first 3 weeks of tane to try stop inital breakout. but she didn't say whether or not i should start at 20mg. Should i do 20 for a week, or just do 40??? remembering i have school in 3 weeks, trying to get as clear as possinble before then.
  7. hi. i can feel a huge pimple under the skin. about to come up. i have retin a, um...heaps of topicals. but i don't no what to put on it? help??? anyone??? its on my nose
  8. how come people always appear to have perfect skin after accutane then? i don't see any red marks in most after accutane pics.
  9. hi. i'm on Accutane at the moment...YAY and i sometimes, actually a fair bit. take nurofen (which i think is just Ibuprofen) i think its called advil in the states?? but, how would this affect my acne?
  10. i think use the moisterizer first. wait for it to kinda...dry. and apply ur retin a or whatever topical after. thats what i was told anyway. and good luck eff acne, how long until u get to see the derm again? are you going to try and get accutane?
  11. well....yeh. i didn't know that i did it. i doubt i did it all night, non-stop. but, who knows. but obviously i do it alot. hmm... maybe i'll get out the video camera tonight.
  12. Hi. this is kinda a dumb topic. but just wondering if anyone else does this, because it might be making my acne worse. well what it is. my friend slept over the other night. and he said while i slept the whole time i touched, picked, rubbed my face. and he said i was doing it just after i went to sleep, and was doing he when he woke up early the next day. thats aloottta picking. hmmm.....