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    writing, reading, shopping, poetry, Stephen King, music: The Strokes, The Killers, Motioncity Soundtrack, Green Day, Nirvana ....., being silly, loving life, hating acne, helping and giving as much as I can, human rights, animal rights, and everything good.
  1. Jenzy

    New Diet

    You are one crazy person Not a good diet at all
  2. Jenzy

    Are you a virgin?

    If you really care about the person it is extremely important and beautiful. :wub:
  3. Nicely said. Thank you. You seem like a nice person.
  4. I think the reason why guys have a hard time getting a girl is because they are usually the ones expected to do the approaching. But girls have it hard to. For example I had a group of friends in High School and they all "out shined" me so to speak. I was shy and quite and I never got approached. I didn't get my first boyfriend until I was 18 and I had never kissed anyone before. Girls need to be pretty and guys need to be confident Without that it makes it harder but it is not impossible to fin
  5. Probably 15 times, I always hate my face
  6. If you have ever listened to the words to the song "I don't want to miss a thing" by aerosmith that explains EXACTLY how I feel about him
  7. Double agreed i think the light makes us look pretty because it shows the colour of our eyes and hair..but dim lights can make us look sexy and our eyes shine, plus u just know that your skin has to look good so it gives that extra confidence too.. Yeah, and he loves my eyes (don't know why they are just light brown with a little green). He looks hella good in the light. He is my angel Sorry for going on about him, he is just so beautiful in every way.
  8. I love the dark. Partly because my skin looks 10 times better. But I have always been attracted to dim rooms. Plus, my eyes are happier in dim light. I told my boyfriend I like the dark and was like why, you look so pretty in the light Aww he is too sweet.
  9. Jenzy


    that actually happened to me onc about 2 yrs ago. i had left my makeup in the house right b4 i went to the airport. i was staying in a hotel until morning when i realised and i had to go without makeup with all my pimples showing, my eyebrows half missing (i had overplucked) and looking very tired. i looked like a monster.. thgat just made me remember how bad my skin used to be. looking in those mirrors in the aeroplane i felt lik crying.. makeup dependency sucks, what can i say? i still
  10. Jenzy


    That sucks. They say dreams tell you a lot about a person.
  11. Jenzy


    WOW. I have always dreamt like every night but usually I forget my dreams fairly quickly.
  12. Jenzy


    No, that would freak me out :wacko:
  13. Jenzy


    I like when I dream about my boyfriend....sigh.....he is so perfect I am jealous of his clear skin
  14. Jenzy


    Yeah, I guess it is good concerning my face but I always have nightmares about other things :ninja: