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  1. Thanks Randall! Came back to update further I suppose. It's been 10 months since I chose to go on DKR. I cleared up in March, and am clear now. I have like three spots that have not perfectly healed yet, and by that I mean 100%, they're about 95% healed and really aren't distinguishable from my clear tones. DKR is a life-saver. Given my skin is still so oily though, I don't think I can come off of the DKR anytime soon. It's amazing how oily my face is yet I don't break out at al
  2. Well, for many yes, but for many No. I am 29 and I know I would be getting acne if it werent for the regimen. (I got clear in three months because of the regimen...but suffered from acne from 13-28).
  3. DAY 213 Acne has been gone for a long time and the scars have healed basically 95%. Too lazy to post the blog. This treatment has been miraculous, I mean, look how uneventful this blog is. Probably not updating any further but I'll be glad to answer any questions! Good luck to all.
  4. DAY 135 Acne has been completely gone since about Day 90 or so. Since then, my old scars have been just healing. Quite alarming though, the scars are healing at a much slower rate than they should. Perhaps it's the BP, but the old marks on my side cheeks still remain somewhat. Other than that however, I have not had a breakout since the beginning of March. The regimen has been worth every penny and more. Although I've ruined a couple of expensive shirts due to BP, the nice skin has b
  5. Not melanoma. I've had this for at least five six years so I doubt its cancerous. Sunspots though, looks like that's it. Google images look like what I have..the weird thing is though, i never get ajy sun...hm. How did your parents get rid of theirs? How did your parents get rid of it?
  6. I've had this spot next to my eyebrows for at least like 6 years now. It's always bothered me somewhat but never seriously did. It's not acne, Any tips would be great, thanks!
  7. Hello all, The regimen has worked fairly well so far for me. I am on week 6 now and is in much better shape than week 1. However, one thing I've noticed is that I've gotten tanner. Although I am outside minimally and don't get much sun at all, I've just become more tan. (and people around me tell me the same). I personally like a light complexion and would like to ask you guys if you do anything to prevent getting tanned while on the regimen. I've been afraid to use a sunblock in fear o
  8. DAY 10. Jojoba saved my life. I have ZERO flakiness and my redness is minimal (though it is definitely still there). I've had small breakouts since. No new cysts. First time in a while I managed to have 2 weeks straight without a cyst. Forehead had two new zits. Nothing to really bring me down. After all, I've been dealing with cysts all my life, zits don't do anything to me. I also changed shaving blades. I bought Gillette Trac II as advised but while it took 2 days of getting here
  9. have you tried using jojoba oil? I had crazy flakiness from about the 3rd day on the regimen. Then I went jojoba and I am now seeing ZERO dryness. I know it feels counter-intuitive to throw oil on our faces....but man, this works great.
  10. Hello all, I am on day 12 on the regimen. Since then, I've been seeing great success. Starting day 5, I began using jojoba oil because the flakiness was getting out of control. Now, with jojoba oil and following the regimen, I am seeing awesome results. Now. Because I was in a "hurry" to get the regimen to work, I somewhat went overboard with the amount of BP usage in the first week. For 5 of the first 7 days, I applied bp TWICE a day my full top 3rd of the index finger's worth. The oth
  11. Good luck Thomas ! Your acne has definitely subsided some past four weeks.
  12. 1. Acne History (skip if you aren't interested!) Since turning 13, I've had acne all my life. During those early teenage years, I didn't think much of it. The problem areas consisted of Forehead (severe) and the nose area (moderate). Using the OTC "nature's cure tablets," I managed to clear up from about 17. I had a one or two small odd spots around my mouth area due to shaving, but acne was largely an irrelevant part of my life from 17-20. Then @ 20, after an event that I guess flipp
  13. Perhaps I should have responded to this post rather than the original poster. I should have read more than just the original post (doh!). 1. everyone on accutane is aware of what they are taking. we are essentially poisoning ourselves on purpose to cure our acne. the common side effects are short term, and last a little over the length of the course. the much rarer, more serious side effects, or just that... much rarer. [Emphasis mine] Are you sure? What is the average age of those being recomme
  14. While I do think the original poster was rather tasteless for starting a post in this fashion - especially when there's a PINNED negative accutane posts thread - I think you're wrong about an obscene amount of misinformation that's dominating the topic of accutane. On the contrary, I believe it's exactly the other way around. Because the success stories are SO powerful to the minds of the incredibly DESPERATE acne sufferers, it's the success stories of accutane "recommenders" like yourselves tha
  15. So basically In the first week 1. DO wash your face twice a day, and moisturize. 2. Only apply BP once a day. If you feel up to it, apply small amounts twice a day. 3. If you choose to apply BP once a day, then be sure to wash it off. Hence, for 12 hours of the day, I should have no BP on my face IF i choose to apply it once a day right?