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  1. When I hear Wet N Wild, I think of cheap cosmetics. Doesn't really sound like a product that company would actually make, but whatever works for you.
  2. It's used in Bath & Body Works liquid hand soap and Murad Acne Complex as an antibacterial agent.
  3. I used it for a month like they said and Murad made me breakout 2-3 times worse. Plus, that exfoliating gel thing burns really bad. So now I've wasted $60. Don't waste your money!
  4. Here's the link I was reading. http://www.rodanandfields.com/templates/pr...ID=CATEGORY7779
  5. Has anyone ever heard of RODAN + FIELDS UNBLEMISH regimen for acne, blemishes and breakouts? I just stumbled upon it online and was wondering if anyone's ever heard of it or tried it. I can't really find much info online about it, but it sounds good however a little pricey. I've tried Proactiv and that worked ok for awhile and this is from the same derms. Just wondering if I should try it or not. Please help me out. Thanks.
  6. If it's severe and no combination of products seems to be working, then maybe it might be time to see a derm. I wouldn't recommend accutane, but that's just based on my own experience. I was on it when I was 16 and my skin was pretty good (still not perfect, but better) for a few years. Sometime during college it got pretty bad again. I stopped going to my current derm a few years ago cause she kept trying to put be back on accutane for a second time and I don't want to do that again. I don
  7. Tazorac burned! I didn't like it at all. My derm gave it to me for acne not red marks, but this was 3 years ago or so.
  8. I LOVE Clinique's Rinse-Off Eye Makeup Solvent (blue bottle)! It takes off even waterproof make-up, is non-greasy, gentle, doesn't sting, and feels like water. I hate that most eye make-up removers feel so oily and I can just hear my pores screaming since I do breakout around my eye area too. It may be a bit expensive for some, but think about how little you use a day (one or two moistened cotton balls). One bottle should last awhile. I can't say how long since this is my first bottle, but
  9. I love mac eye make-up. It stays put all day, but it took me awhile to get a hang of the blending thing.
  10. I love bare minerals. It makes my skin look smoother and helps to cover the redness from my acne. It feels so weightless that I forget I'm even wearing make up. I do have to blot and reapply the mineral veil throught the day to control shine. My co-worker keeps commenting on how much better my skin looks but I tell her it's the make-up. The only I don't like about the make-up is that it gets a little messy since it's a powder foundation and I'm in between tones, so I need to mix to get my c
  11. No I haven't and I really wouldn't recommend it.
  12. Just avoid touching your face all together, even if it is itchy. I don't remember my face tingly or itchy after using accutane. If it persists or if you get really concerned about it, then you should consult your derm.
  13. A derm may or may not prescribe accuatne to you, but I would try other options first. Some derms will prescribe it to you just because you want it, but a good derm will exhaust all other options first. I feel that accutane is and should be viewed as a "last resort" drug. I've been there and done that and the acne only came back a few years later. It was recommended to me that I try a second course of accutane, but I refused due to the side affects. My dad was also on accutane and he still h
  14. It helped me for a year and a half and I have severe acne, but now it doesn't seem to work as well so I've moved on. I've been on accutane, but that only lasted a few years too till the acne came back. Like all products it just depends on the person's skin. The only true things are that acne has no cure and that what works for one person may or may not work for another person.
  15. I was on accutane and it helped at the time, but a few years later the acne was back and my derm tried to put me back on accuteane, but I refused. I don't think the side affects are worth it so I've been trying just about every new product on the market. Proactiv helped for a year and a half then it didn't seem to be doing much anymore. So now I just use a whole lot of different products, not one complte skincare line. I like the clinique acne solutions night gel, clearasil total control cla