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  1. that is cheap - about 220 quid.....($400 ish US$) - but is it only available in australia with that particular derm or has the method spread ? GoodLuck Marc
  2. This looks very promising....The site claims that scars can be eliminated...The pictures of the reconstructive surgery and burns patients are very impressive...Is the price of $ 550 australian dollars or US dollars ? Also is the treatment available outside of australia ? Thanks Marc
  3. my derm has referred my to professor ferguson at the university of dundee for nhs scar treatment (october 22nd)..... GoodLuck Marc
  4. does dr chu perform excision and n-lite on the nhs Maya ? - BTW for all non-UK people out there the NHS (National Health Service) provides free treatment for every uk citizen (I'm always surprised by how many people dont know that !). Its funny because I know some cosmetic procedures are free in the uk (including nose jobs and breast enlargements AMAZINGLY!) and others arent (Isolagen and smoothbeam)...It will be ace when the nhs gets smoothbeam and we get it free hehe Marc
  5. dunno exactly, but my forehead responded better to needling than my cheeks - porbably due to the amount of fatty tissue and skin laxity in the cheek versus the forehead GoodLuck Marc
  6. well, um..sh*t..Ive run into a bit of a problem, as my scars were needled within the scar margins the centre of a few scars have risen to skin level but i have a circle around them of depression, an outline....I dont know how to describe it any better, its weird....Anyway overall id say 70% improvement to the scars needled on my cheek and 80% to the ones on my forehead(bear in mind they werent all needled) - I think maybe i need to have like my entire cheek needled (not just individual scars), t
  7. Yeah, needling is good for all scar types including deep ones... GoodLuck Marc
  8. lol Try another board - youve got a cyst (congrats!!)
  9. I REALLY hope this works out for you, I can identify with how you feel entirely, unfortunately I dont have the convenience of make up 8-[ ...... I bet you feel 100% better just knowing that you are doing something about your scars......... Best Of Luck Marc
  10. oh yeah, because I said all my scars were cured........or not........ I only had 70% of my scars needled, im saying at present I see major improvements in all scars except on or two thin but deep ice picks, like fingernail indents. My skin just looks smoth and for some reason clean, it never looked clean before now....Plus a couple of scars which were hypopigmented at the bottom have flattened and repigmented (there is no redness or pigment problems on my face). I just say what I see G
  11. Minimal if the steroid is weak such as hyrdrocortisone, but a more potent steroid may cause atrophy of the skin and depress collagen production (due to steroid crystals in the dermis) which may persist for months and leave an indented scar. I would recommend surgical removal of the scar myself followed by the use of silicone sheeting or gels to prevent the scar returning. GoodLuck Marc
  12. 6 days and the improvements remain....only 2 scabs are left now and I might actually leave the house today...... GoodLuck Marc
  13. Steroid injections are used to flatten keloid scars (raised red lumps of fibrous tissue)...The results wont be spectacular but it should help, you do however risk further pemanent scarring and pigmentation problems.... GoodLuck Marc
  14. I know all about the swelling.......Ive posted for long enough and I fully expect the results to receed, but now there is no scabbing, swelling or discolouration remaining.... GoodLuck Marc
  15. thanks Maya GoodLuck Marc