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  1. That is quite upsetting. I know that if I were in that situation I would have reacted the same. Eventhough people say just ignore it, it is too hard to ignore. You have my sympathies. You certainly sound like you don't deserve such humiliation like that. As for Barbie, I can only imagine what her karma will be like. Not the pretty kind I'd imagine. You also learnt something about your friends. Hang in there. *huggles*
  2. I got one from Gee. Pretty soon after I joined.........my first pm....... :lol2:
  3. When you say you want to lose weight you are meaning you are trying to lose fat right? There's always seems to be this misconception about the two. I try to base things off of body fat instead of how much I weigh. My opinion has been the more protein the better, but it is best to go for the recommended amount in proportion to your body and activity, as suggested by previous posters.
  4. My cycle heavily influences my face. Whenever my face breakouts with really painful red spots I know that that that time is coming up. It's really annoying because my face can be relatively good, and then that occurs. It happens most in my chin area as well. Seeing as you've been on the regimen for 3 1/2 weeks I guess you have no prior knowledge as to whether it would be your cycle affecting this. I hope this was encouraging
  5. Okay, this has really gotten my attention. I've had blackheads for so long, to have nice smooth skin sounds like a dream. I'm gonna get me this mask. As for exfoliating, do you need to use those products or can you get the same effect say after having a shower?
  6. I feel like I'm really unattractive b/c of the red spots. I had a guy say he thought I was gorgeous and I thought he was crazy, but I guess since he loved me he looked past it. I on the otherhand can't. Until my face is clear I'm never gonna have confidence in my looks or myself. Heh, that's why I'm here, so I can change that.
  7. Yesterday I woke up and I had a pretty bad flare up. I decided I was going to go do more research on acne so I'd have a new approach as to what to do about it. I googled "acne" and acne.org caught my eye. It's really caught my interest and I can't wait till I can finally start the regimen. I have faith!!!
  8. I used to only have acne appearing on my face, but now I'm living with it on my back and chest. I think it's worse there then on my face and there's lots of scarring. At least I can cover it up, but it'd be nice if I didn't have to deal with it at all. Sigh, I haven't gone swimming in a long time because of it...