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  1. Alima has a very nice matte line of MMu that contains very few ingredients. Long lasting, very nice finish and quality. I love it. Samples of powder foundtion are about $3 each, blush samples about $1+/- ... Too bad that Alima doens't ship internationally though or else I would have ordered samples.
  2. Hi, Sephora (the one at eaton center) has Bare Minerals for sale. But I don't know how much it is and I've never tried it. So you can try there first.
  3. hi, yup the sephora in eaton center has it. i saw it last time when i was there. hope this helps.
  4. don't worry, i live in an apartment too and it fits into my mail box
  5. yeah i did and still do! My nose!!! My pores are sooo huge on my nose. I don't know what to do... So I guess the regimen doesn't do anything for the pores? :think:
  6. hi everyone, i just want to tell everyone or anyone who is planning or just started the CSR that, this regimen DOES work! b4 using this regimen, my acne was pretty moderate, it was during the summer time that my acne became uncontrollable. when school started in sept. i felt miserable because not only i have red marks but new pimples were also forming quite rapidly making my face look even more horrible. so i tried proactiv the second time, but once again it failed me. so around oct i wen
  7. IMO to stop the flakiness on your skin you have to find a good/right moisturizer and exfoliate every now and then. I'm using Cetaphil moisturizer with SPF, even tho it's really greasy, it's great for winter time. Lately I've been using green tea leaves (from tea bags) and add a little water to exfoliate. I find that it's gentle and it smells good (I personally like the smell of green tea). You can try it if you want! But since your on the 2nd week of the regimen I don't know if you should exfol
  8. bramladesh...that's a good one :lol2: Haha that's funny. I live in Scarborough but ppl make fun of it and say "Scarlanka"
  9. Actaully, if you along Kennedy Rd. where there are a lot of outlets, they sell spectro jel fairly cheap. Depending which store you go to, they sell between 3 to 5 bottles for $0.99. But it's the free sample size bottle.
  10. I tried it and didn't like it that much. Is is much more gentle that's for sure and it comes with a day and night lotion. It's exacty the same price and it's just like what ppl said here, it's just SA base. This proactiv gentle forumla didn't work for me. So I end up returning it. But the sales person told me, since this is a gentle formula, it will take much longer to work (12 weeks +) than the original proactiv. But you never know, even if it does work for you, it might wear off in the near f
  11. Hi, I know that Shoppers Drug Mart sell them, it's about $20 for a bar of soap... And I heard that PharmaPlus has them too! Hope this helps!
  12. Oh, I'm just breaking out and my face feels really itchy when I'm using the new bp gel. I was using Spectro BP 2.5% b4 and I didn't have any problems with it. But then again, it could be me, because I every time I use a new product, something "bad" happens. Like I experienced the hardening effect three times when I switched my moisturizer and then a cleanser. Haha. God I hate my skin... I wish my acne will go away and the same with my red marks. :mad:
  13. Oh, okay. I guess I have to be careful then, coz lately I'm having a bit of trouble with the new bp gel. Thanks for the reply! I really appreciate it.
  14. Hi, I just got my glycolic acid today in the mail and I will be trying it on Friday night. I was wondering if it's okay to put BP gel on the next day (Saturday)? I read somewhere that you shouldn't put anything on your face besides sunscreen after you do a chemical peel. Thanks!