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  1. I skip the morning dose. I was on a modified regimen for about 6 months and it worked wonderfully - but then I made a big lifestyle change that involved a lot more daily stress and started breaking out. So I started doing Dan's regimen about 3 weeks ago and it has taken care of the breakouts. However, it started making my skin really red. So now I only do it at night. Still working wonders on the acne. However, the redness is still there; I am hoping it will go away in the next few weeks.
  2. That is BULLSHIT. There is no fate, no destiny, no high power of any sort that is greater than your own will in your life. PS: If you're joking, sorry, I just had to make the point.
  3. Exactly. It's all in your head. Thing is, you can even control your emotions (well, except some people with psychological disorders. I'm not trying to be funny). Decide to take control of your perspective, and things will not only seem better, they will BE better.
  4. Wow - these recent posts on sexuality and relationships have been really interesting to me. No offense, but it seems like in the culture of most of the posters here, female sexuality is incredibly repressed. This thread, for instance, implies that only males can experience overwhelming sexual desire (at least enough for them to be unloyal to their partner). In my personal experience and those of my friends (both male and female), this is a highly individual situation - and the factor that matte
  5. Oy! I detect so much self-defeating attitude! You block off possibilities for growth before you even start to explore them! You're studying to be a programmer, right? Well, the saying "garbage in, garbage out" doesn't only apply to computers. If you put so much negativity and so little genuine effort into your life, you will get weak, negative results. WHY do you say you are a blank diamond canvas?! That is just NOT TRUE. You are as complex and developed as anyone else. Your life experiences h
  6. That requirement is often overlooked. Also, in my experience, people are very good at hiding their "issues" until you're already knee-deep in a relationship with them. Case in point, the woman I'm currently dating has rapid-cycling bipolar disorder. This puts a huge strain on our relationship. If I knew this about her before, I might not have started dating her. On the other hand, she has a lot of good qualities that I would have missed out on if I didn't get to know her. Everyone is a mixed
  7. You can become like your friend who has terrible acne but does not allow it to stop him from having an positive personality and active social life. Do not think about what doctors and such should/could do. Concentrate on your own willpower and choices. You *can* choose to be like your friend. It might take some work, and you might slip up, but be patient with yourself. Do not be a victim to situations that are completely within your control. TAKE CONTROL.
  8. Quick, look, It's a perfectly good forum! Everyone, let's start a topic in which we purposely misunderstand what anyone says and also make sweeping absurd generalizations! Ahem. On a lighter note: Elsewhere, you are inspiring.
  9. It sounds like you took a normal lecture and distorted it to make it sound like an attack! I bet you she said something like this: "Clear skin is generally considered attractive. It looks healthy. Generally, looking healthy will be considered attractive." You completely took it the wrong way. She wasn't trying to insult everyone in attendence with bad skin. My advice is to stop assuming the worst. Your acne is not the center of the universe.
  10. Right. In the same way a british poster probably could not help an australian find products. Well, I think there is some confusion about terms. There are several Spanish languages, and some of them are completely unrelated. These include Castellano, Gallego, Vasco, Catalan and a few others. Most of them are not spoken outside of respective parts of Spain. The confusion comes in because the Spanish spoken in the Americas is actually Castellano, but there are differences between the Cas
  11. I speak Spanish, however I do not think I can help, what with being on the wrong side of the atlantic and all. Can any Central American users point Serena to products she is looking for in her area?
  12. I'm not sure I understand. You are too proud to allow people to see you with acne? It seems like it's fear, not pride. You are too afraid of what people might think of you. Embrace an attitude of courage instead. You are in no danger. People who judge you unfairly due to your appearance are not worth your consideration, and definately NOT your fear! You have nothing to lose. You are the center of your own universe. Those that would think less of you are simply diminishing their roles to bit-pl
  13. For me, exercise did not cause acne. I had acne since I was a little scrawny high school kid all the way till I was a little scrawny computer programmer. Then I decided to do something about all that: I started exercising regularly about the same time I started using BP. Guess what? I have almost no acne now, and I'm not so scrawny anymore! Not everyone is the same. Do not avoid exercise because you fear that it will interfere with your acne treatment. TRY IT for yourself.
  14. Keep at it! It took about 3 months for me to get results: Success. I agree with what T-Wayne said about drinking water: Keeping hydrated is crucial for being/looking/feeling healthy. You are probably not getting enough.