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  1. I've actually got a few questions, but let me first throw you my situation. I work out in the sun 6 days a week (installing sprinklers) and then usually hit our lake on Sunday for a good 5 hours or so. I had recently stopped the CSR to simply see if I could chug the water and take enough vitamins to help my skin. Well, damnit, I overdosed. I was trying to get megadoses of vitamin A but ended up megadosing on everything for I was taking multi-vitamins and whatnot, a stupid move. I had my acn
  2. I know both cigarettes and marijuana are being discussed, but I'd like to clear up the cancer deal. Although marijuana contains 400+ chemicals (more than cigarettes), the THC cancels alot of the carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals out. Obviously, if you're a lifetime smoker or hardcore a few years, you'll still develop smoker's cough and infections. Lung cancer is a remote risk, however. Read more about it here. Anyways, back to the original question. I've been an occasional pot smoker for
  3. Right on Revolution, nice find. My lazy ass wasn't even thinking about Googling it. Anyways, I did a little more poking around on that website, and the lady that's done all of the research also iterates further: "....what years of research do show to be true about mineral oil is the following: Mineral oil does not clog, primarily because it is the wrong consistency; that is, it doesn’t become hard in the pore. However, it does feel greasy and that can be unappealing on blemish-prone or a
  4. Why do moisturizers with mineral oil not work for the regimen? What's the mineral oil do? I had finally found a moisturizer that works, no burning or irritation, and then I check the back of it after reviewing the biggest mistakes: contains mineral oil. Son of a bee sting! Damn, that sucks. Why is mineral oil bad?
  5. Well, I finally found a facial moisturizer that'll work for me without stinging and does a good job. Olay's active hydrating beauty fluid agreed with me and damn am I happy. I think the reason my face may have been stinging is because of the addition of SPF. This moisturizer does not contain any SPF, and unless you're in the sun, you might want to check some out that contains no SPF. I'm gettin' a lil' off track.... I finally have a moisturizer that doesn't sting and hydrates well. The only pro
  6. I started the regimen roughly a week ago, and I feel it would work if I get my moisturizers and cleaning bars lined up. I started using Cetaphil's Gentle Cleansing bar and noticed it dried my skin out terribly afterwards. Well, I figured that was just part of it. I then wait 15 minutes and apply a bunch of BP (my face is used to BP from Proactiv). That hydrates my face for the most part and after another 10 minutes only my cheecks, jawline, and t-zone will really dry out. I looked at reviews for