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  1. the vitamins are better digested with food.. its hard to take just pure vitamins.. so you have with food, dont eat it after, its already started digesting
  2. This is what regimen I'm currently following: --Suppliments/Detox/Food Restriction-- - 1 Super B complex 3x a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) - 1 Phyto me 2x a day (this is basically a multivitamin - 1 500mg No-Flush Niacin (vitamin B3) - 1 Udo's Choice 3x a day (this is different types of oil..) - 1 acidophilus 3x a day - 2 vitex in the morning (this was recommended to me over saw palmetto, it also balances hormones) - 1 halibut liver oil 2x a day - 1 Moducare 3x a day ("Micronutr
  3. well smoking of course is very un-healthy... and being unhealthy it probablly could have an effect on your skin
  4. BP can really damage skin.. i tried this method and after a few weeks my skin started to get REALLY dry, it was red, and hurt to avoid this -> use moisturizer!! i didnt.. i wish i did, even if it doesnt seem like you need to moisturize, do it ALOT!!
  5. wow i was depressed then, im not feeling that bad now. i suggest you try BC pills, fyi im 16/m even though im young.. im not dumb, and i have read alot about suppliments and resolving acne with internal methods.. many women on forums i have recently been talking on suggest BC pills i HIGHLY suggest coming to the forumfound at: http://www.absoluteacneinfo.com/ its active, and there is alot of smart people there, even a doctor or 2, these educated people all had/have acne and
  6. for the first 2 days the fishoil made AMAZING progress, but now it looks about the same, im thinking of getting killed, then coming back in another life, maybe i wont get acne
  7. I have been using fish oil pills for the past 3 days, and its working wonders! i use soft gel pills, Salmon Oil, just drink a glass of water with them, and try to cut-out all deep fried foods, and have less suger/fat my skin doesnt only look better, it feels smoother, and less.. "grey" i highley suggest fish pills to anyone, FYI: my skin wasnt oily, now it feels more smooth.. im a guy i think my acne is in the family, both parents had bad acne i also feel less
  8. Tonight im starting a new system Im going to take some pills and have some baths.. no BP.. not doing shit anyhow ill post in greater detial once i return from my bath
  9. yeaaah i washed my pillow cases.. im gona wash them everyday now YES. EVERY DAY!
  10. Ever notice if your acne is getting worse or better on either side of your face? wonder why it isnt evenly progressing or getting worse!? ITS PROBABLLY YOUR PILLOW i was just going through this site.. as i often do thinking somehow it will magicly heal my acne, i was thinking about pillows and how my acne is getting better on one side.. and worse on the other... then i also realized that the past few nights (3-5) i have been sleeping on my left side.. so my left cheek was on the pillow.
  11. johnny same with me.. my cheeks/jawline but lately (in the past 1-2months) my acne seems to have "spread" to my neck,
  12. the above sounds promising... i want to see your results, maybe ill try your approach because for me the PB isnt doing shit anymore... just looks the same or worse.....
  13. since last post my acne has only goten worse.... i have more visible pimples on my forhead than i have for 3+months (i cant remember) my acne is getting worse on my neck.. where i used to have NONE!! me cheeks/jawline looks a little better then it did a week ago, but then again to be honest with myself i cant REALLY notice a difference... FUN!!! i hope i die
  14. i must advice get it taken care of quickly... if it doesnt work after 1-2months do something new, dont hesitate, because it will only get worse i remember a year ago i would get 1 or 2 pimples.. and they would pass.. and then i would get 3 or 4, then they would pass... eventually i was used to having some pimples all the time.. before i knew it i had bad acne!! F*CK!! more recently: 2 months ago i had no acne on my neck, now by my jaw line, on my neck i have probablly 5-15 pimples (only 2-3 a