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  1. I love most of Armani's mens fragrances, like Aqua di Gio and Black Code, and also Chrome by Azzaro. I (and all women I know) HATE Jean Paul Gaultier's colognes, and anything too heavy or sweet. Bleah. Also, less is more.
  2. I have noticed a recent increase in the number of skin whitening products on the market, and was wondering if anyone has had any experience/success with using whitening/brightening serums or other solutions as a treatment for red marks and acne scarring?
  3. Hey - this is an interesting idea, and I'm curious to see how it progresses. My boyfriend also believes that the more I do to my skin, the worse it will be (but he also thinks that if I obsessively apply lip balm, my lips will become 'dependant' and thus drier...:S). I think there are definately parallels between skincare and weight management, but just as some people are genetically predisposed to be heavier, I believe everyone's skin is different and some people can go low/no-maintenance while
  4. I've been using Differin for about 8 weeks and I have very sensitive skin, but I've found that my skin has adjusted to the irritation. I think if you keep applying a thin layer every day or every other day you might get used to it faster than if you only use it a couple times a week. Also, I found that certain moisturizers seemed to react to the Differin, or they would make my face burn even after washing and without Differin - just because the skin was more sensitive. Make sure you drink lots o
  5. I just picked up a prescription for minocyn today, and my doctor said because I'm not very big (female - about 120lbs, 5'7ish) that 100g once a day would be enough. So unless you're pretty big/built you can probably stick with the 100g/day (better not to over-do it anyways, with antibiotics...) I'm excited/anxious to see how things work out.... I hope there's not a big initial breakout though, I've been using Differin cream once a day for the past 8-9 weeks and it was horrible for the first 4-6
  6. i'm using spectrojel now, which i love because it doesn't strip ALL the excess oil from your skin, so it's never dried out. however, like cetaphil, it wont lather for shaving... you could always just use a separate shave gel (try an all-natural one from the health food store to be sure it's not bad for your skin or doesn't react with the bp) you could also try neutrogena's foaming acne wash, but it may leave your skin a little drier than the cetaphil/spectrojel
  7. hey, thanks for your input guys! i was worried that i might be having some sort of reaction to bp, so i stopped using the bp gel and a 2.5% bp exfoliator i had been using as well, for a couple of days and then gradually started again, but not using as much/as frequently. the bumps are all gone and my skin is smooth again. unfortunately, i had a small breakout while i was 'off' but the bp is making quick work of it now. i guess i just started using too many bp pruducts, and too much all at once.
  8. don't all comment at once.... that might be TOO helpful....
  9. i've just recently started using bp gel (DDF's 5% w/ tea tree oil) and i've changed my regimen entirely, and i'm noticing alot of small non-acne-looking bumps all over my skin, especially on my forehead. they look almost like blocked pores, about the size of a small blackhead, only they dont seem to have bacteria in them or anything.. none of them have gotten bigger or felt irritated. my skin is almost completely clear except for a couple of scars that are still fading, but the texture is all b
  10. even though tea tree oil is an oil, it should not clog your pores or make you break out; in fact, i find it dries my skin out a bit. i know most of us have learned to fear any oil in products and for the most part this is justified because mineral oils etc. can cause breakouts and excessively oily skin. however, there are some oils that are safe to use on oily skin (tea tree being one). when my skin gets really dry (i.e. from bp or when the weather is really cold), i use jojoba oil on my skin.
  11. ooh, nice packaging... i still like to think i love my boyfriend alot more than my tube of gel...
  12. hey, i've been using birth control pills for my acne for almost 4 years now and it's helped me alot. i'm on tricylen, the 28-day cycle (which means a have a week of placebos during my period). the only problem is that when you go off, the acne comes back... and sometimes i get a small breakout during my period when i'm off for the week. but other than that it's been a huge help, and i didn't experience any side-effects whatsoever (actually, slight weight-gain at first - 5 to 10 lbs maybe? - but
  13. i've been using the Body Shop's Ionic Clay Mask, and i love it. it has more than 60 minerals in it which are negatively charged, reacting like a magnet to the positively charged oil and bacteria in your skin; as a result, it really draws all the oil and impurities out of the skin. i've found it to be really effective at detoxifying the skin (if you've been partying a lot lately or not eating properly), although it's a little pricey (i think i paid $20 CDN for a 4.2 oz tube - which does last a lo
  14. i'm using a 5% bp gel, and don't find it overly drying on my sensitive skin. however, alot of 5% and 10% bp gels combine other ingredients like tea tree or sulpher to enhance their effectiveness/strength, making them more suitable for more severe acne. (btw, i'm using DDF's 5% bp with tea tree, and i love it - it's gentle but effective, and i'm surprised it hasn't dried out my skin at all. i highly recommend it)