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  1. Hey, Do you have a “normal� life again today? I mean with free normal thoughts? What was/is your problem? No, its not a fear of anything, I just cant get some real bad thoughts out of my head, I think of them permanently for about 6 or 8 weeks now. From the second on I wake up till I sleep, sometimes I even dream about it. It really sucks. I tried to do stuff with friends, but nothing helps. Right now I’m using natural anti depressants, but they don’t really s
  2. Hey, Been to the doc today, now I got anti depressants, he told me they will take about 3 weeks to work. Yeah, I know how it’s like, I also tried everything to get clear skin. But still, I would definitely prefer to have acne than depressions, trust me. About the scars, I got some very small ones, the result of a bad cortisone injection, bastards! thx..
  3. Thx for the reply, About the anti-depressants, I can’t entirely believe that all of your bad thoughts will fade away after taking them, that would be just too easy, think of it, nobody would have depressions anymore. Then there would be no more suicides in our days, which isn’t true. See my point? -What kind of thoughts did your friend have, did he know the reason for the depressions? -How long did the anti-depressants take to “work� ? thx again fuc
  4. Hey, Long time no see, that is because my acne has nearly gone. I should be damn happy by now, because I had severe acne, and it was my only big problem. But now I even feel worse, I got f*cking depressions. This is my third month of my accutane treatment, I’m taking 80mg per day. (i weigh about 76kg) I don’t really know if I should stop taking it, I’m too afraid that my acne might come back. The depressions came all over sudden, before my life was great, but from
  5. ..you better stop before your teeth turn yellow fuck acne! ](*,)
  6. sup, i weigh about 80 kg and i doubled my dose to 80 mg per day. -give em hell! fuck acne! ](*,)
  7. hmm, i would actually prefer to have that kind of acne on my back, than some moderate-severe acne vulgaris in my face, though i would never go out for a swim.. fuck acne! ](*,)
  8. sup, ..take a look at this guy: http://umed.med.utah.edu/MS2/derm/lect10/slide42.jpg ..it could always be worse, feel better? fuck acne! ](*,)
  9. …yeah the red swollen bitches hu? I also hate them, there is actually nothing that you can like about acne… -d'oh! fuck acne! ](*,)
  10. Hey, Once I thought that ppl with acne would never get a gf/bf. But last year a friend of mine (he had moderate acne, is a bit fat and wears glasses) got the hottest girl from our class. That definitely surprised me! If you have acne the girls won’t come to you, which basically means that you have to make the first step. Things can still work out fine. Fuck acne! ](*,)
  11. Sup, If someone hates scars more than acne, well, he definitely never had moderate or severe acne! You cant really cover up cysts or bumps! - but you can inject for example Botox in your scars, that will make them disappear . ..and why do we get scars? –> because of the fucking acne! fuck acne! ](*,)
  12. ..it takes some time, approximately 4 weeks. accutane takes about 16 weeks till you see the first positive effects, # ! fuck acne! ](*,)
  13. hmm, looks like i skipped Joshua’s post. ..anyways, do you know “worst comes to worst� by dilated people? Change the word �people� to “acne� in the lyric… fuck acne! ](*,)