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  1. well i am almost at 5 weeks. i have to admitt there was a point where i was getting many new pimples, but i guess its because it was unclogging everything. the thing is that i didnt give up and well now that i'm almost at 5 weeks, well it seems like most of the acne i had hae become red marks. i'm glad that i kept up and didnt give up on this routine. i would recommend it to you. we'll see what happens after the 6 weeks. i'm actually comftable going somewhere without foundation
  2. well yeah i noticed that too, but i have oily skin too but i'm still using it. i've been on it for a week and seen results. i'm not saying it'll work for you , but it did for me and i too have oily skin.
  3. http://www.walgreens.com/store/product.jht...8376&CATID=1005 walgreens store brand cheap and effective
  4. yeah thats where i bought mine it says alpha hydroxy in the front of the white bottle. in fact i'll give you a link to the photo and info of the product. http://www.walgreens.com/store/product.jht...8376&CATID=1005
  5. about a week. that ow long i've been on it and i was looking in the mirror studying my face and i noticed a difference. so i'd say yeah a week or so.
  6. it says nothing about rinsing it off but the directions of the acne cure if to rinse if off after about 3 min, so i do. i've been on this for a week now
  7. if u buy them there ull paying way more than just going to a drugstore [-( .i dont know if u have a walgreens near u, but u can find all the products there. anyway where do u live?
  8. yeah i use the neutrogena 2.5%. i dont own the book but i just started the regimen myself.
  9. i saw klear action at walgreens, um i dont knwo if that store is located where you live. i saw it today for $20.
  10. i guess you have to maintain a regimen that will keep you clear. something like pure zone, that has all the products you need to stay clear. and then a few times a week still do the acne cure. thats my guess i'd say, but its suggested you keep doing the acne cure for 6 weeks.i'm not saying pure zone will lwork cause ive never tried. but my guess is that u need a regimen that has allthe complete products to maintain ur clearness of ur face.
  11. so u put SA and GA at night as well? because i know you do the step of SA at night but it says the GA in the morning only. u do that at night also?
  12. i went ou t and bought a generic alpha hydroxy. hope this regimen works we'll see [-o<
  13. Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Formula is this a good product to use ? i'm not sure what the percentage is though. damn it, i hope this a product i can use. ](*,) here are the ingrediants: Purified Water, SD Alcohol 40, Glycolic Acid, Witch Hazel, Sodium PCA, Salicylic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Eucalyptus Globulus Extract, Peppermint Extract, Allantoin, Sodium Lactate, PEG 40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Fragrance
  14. does anyone know a product over the counter that has anything from 8 to 10 % of GLYCOLIC ACID....anyone? PLZ! some names.....
  15. =D> did you have mild or moderate acne? also what are some GLYCOLIC ACID products that are available over the counter because i'm new ad i dont thnk i've ever heard of that ingrediant. thx. another thing i've searched for products that have that ingrediant, does it matter that their anti wrinkle products? im only 15...... what if their lotions? i'm so confused wth this ingrediant :-k