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  1. yeah, thats so how it is for an avreage person. Their hormones imbalance during teen years and then restabilize in their late teens, but eveyone is different. in my case, i get acne every year since 14 at the end of summer and it clears up by christmas. Then christmas till july i'm fine. Then as if it's on schedule, it starts up again.
  2. It might, just be EXTREMELY gentle and use the softest brush you can find to start with... it souds like your skin isn't too bad, and you don't want to irritate it w/ excessive exfoliation. in my experience, totthbrush exfoliation doesnt help me all that much. It doesnt get the blackheads out of the pore. Just the ones really close to the surface.
  3. well, it could be. some people may have just had a temporary break out but they then started putting all those cheamicals on there face and made it worse. this was my case. i washed too much and put bp all over my face. now i wash it twice aday and i only get like 1 whitehead a week, which is barely noticable.
  4. i had 2 of those last week on the side of my cheek after being clear for a long time. i just put bp on them and they went away in 2 days.
  5. i used to use bp everday thinking i'd break out real bad if i stopped using it, i was getting like 4 whiteheads a week. My skin was really oily. I then bought clearsil oil control facewash. It doesnt leave my face as dry and i stopped putting bp all over my face. MY skin took longer to get oily and i only get like 1 whitehead a week and theyre smaller and less noticable. All you have to do to keep your skin less oily during the day is go to the bathroom every few hours, and wash your face with
  6. I was on roaccutane for about two jears 2001 and 2002 with a short break between. And I can say, that the side effects are nearly the same, so I dont care about that point. Now in 2006 I have chosen vitamin-a for therapy because of the high price of roaccutane in germany. And my health insurance won't pay again for this medication the thirt time. Vitamin-a is the cheap alternative. Therefore I have the experience to compare both therapy-methods with each other and believe it or not, but I have f
  7. for me, it's the opposite, my skin clears up in the winter and gets worse in the summer.
  8. i have to agree with the guy. Unless youre going to the beach or know you will be outside the entire day in the sun, you dont need to wear sunscreen. All of this big company bs is really annoying cause people believe it. Human body is smarter than you think. you dont need to try and make it better. my favorite example is allergies. More people have allergies now, then ever before. I think the reason we have this is our overuse of chemicals to treat everything. we should let the body deal with
  9. the reason is that to get something approved by the fda and let doctors use it, you need to do extensive research on the product that takes years and costs millions. Only big companies have the money to fund this kind of thing, and theyre not interested in curing acne, they would much rather give you a million bp products that you have to keep buying. i'm sure they could create a oral supplement to stop oily skin, because oily skin is the cause of acne in alot of people. all of my friends includ
  10. I want to grow out my hair because it will cover up most of my forehead acne. I have been reading some and i am wondering if taking 3g of Biotin a day would help my hair grow faster than normal.
  11. if all the white stuff is at the top alread, then take a needle and make a hole in it. then just put bp on it. it will all come out by itself.
  12. get a needle, and jsut put it trhough it so it makes a hole the skin will get rid of it then .
  13. think about it this way: read any drug label. It tells you sideeffects 95% of people dont experience. Same thing on accutane.
  14. So you're telling me that you're an expert on B5 and because your hair didn't fall out its considered a fallacy and what I'm saying is an "outrageous claim." Hmmm...that's funny. It's also funny that I wasn't losing any hair before taking B5 and I only just turned 20. So I'm pretty sure I should not be losing hair at such an early point in my life. And if you really did your research and read all of the testimonials on this vitamin (testimonials link at http://b5foracne.vze.com/) you would h
  15. if you were perscribed accutane, i would go along with it. It wont do any damage if you under supervision of a doctor.