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  1. So because of a ton of different reasons I need to go on generic for 2 weeks before I go back to name brand I'm concerned about this cause I have had such amazing results with name brand accutane should I be concerned about the 2 weeks of non name brand? I know I have read on here people having different reactions to them.
  2. Well I'm sort of in a wierd spot right now. My friends just planned this last minute vacation and convinced me to go tonight. We are leaving tomorrow. I don't care about anything really, work will be no problem I'm worried about my accutane. Were gonna be gone for a week and I only have 5 days left. I know I'll survive without a problem with no accutane for 2 or 3 days but what about ipledge. What will happen if I have to miss an appointment with my derm to a later date? Considering the
  3. My IB was on my neck and back pretty bad
  4. If any said that stuff to me I would fall over and die. Never mind your own DERM!!! good job keeping your head up. I couldn't do it.
  5. Day 12 Its been awhile now since I have posted, been very busy. I have to say so far I have had nothing but amazing results. I had a very bad IB all over my neck and that was it so far. It was awhile ago now though and is already starting to clear up. I haven't seen a new zit in like 5 or 6 days. Which is absolutely insane for me. Before I took the accutane I had horrid break out on my chin leaving my chin a complete mess, my whole chin was a huge redmark basically. The accutane is doin
  6. Most people on here say no and just let the accutane do its job.
  7. Doesn't need to be a big meal, just a fatty one in my experience.
  8. I have had amazing results with liver flushes. Before you believe quack watch which IMO is a bunch of bullsh*t http://curezone.com/image_gallery/cleanse_...002/default.asp Look at people results
  9. I know I'm not touching a drink while I'm on accutane.
  10. I'm waiting for this to happen to me, I have so much crap in my nose waiting to be pushed out.
  11. I asked my doctor about taking supplements and stuff and all she had to say was just take a multivitamin if I want.... Isn't that the one thing I don't want to take because of the vitamin a? I don't take one and don't plan to take one.
  12. Wisdom teeth removal = Percs Fun, but be careful I got addicted very quickly My removal wasn't bad accept I did have bleeding problems after for a couple days before It finally stopped.
  13. What are your thoughts on this My father took accutane back in the day and only got the normal side effects. Nothing bad, would that be a good sign for me??? Or do you think that really doesn't matter too much and most likely I'll respond differently to the drug?
  14. God I hope I don't experience hair loss.
  15. I've never heard anything like that before But if you have scaring acne, I'd get on accutane