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  1. My parents said my acne wasnt bad .. but for me it terrible .. Luckly my derm thought my acne was bad and gave me roaccutane ..
  2. In israel its so simple.. i just call my derm and make an appointment, a few days after i enter her office and get the prescription, go to the drug store and get the pills..
  3. if i were you i would take the first month 40 mg and all the pther months 80mg for 6 months.
  4. Thanks for the responses And yes im only 15 so i dont thing i can merry you lol ..
  5. Belive me i had lots of pimples , scars and red marks.
  6. Leave your red marks alone. Finish your course. Trust me-you can see my topic and see for yourself
  7. i only have a few almost unnoticble redmarks from 8 month ago.. when i still had pimples. my face was full of scars and red marks, and i just did nothing. i let it be. You can see the resualts yourself..
  8. Thnak you. And yes i know i look older Belive me acne did make me feel VERY bad .. i thought about suicide a few times .. yes it was that bad ..
  9. I was thinking yesterday about this site that helped me alot , so i thought ill give you some hope about tane. about a year ago i posted this post : http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...c=70637&hl= there is a picture of me back then but it not very clear. I was totally full of Pimples, scars and red marks. Amonth later i started taking roacutane. I was on 60 mg for 5 months. I had pretty stong side effects but it was ok .. i was clear of pimples in month 4. But i still had lots and l
  10. in Israel you pay 20$ a month so cheap and it the original brend
  11. Im giving up on retin a too. I started to use it 3 weeks ago for my red marks. i didnt have any acne because i finished accutane. yesterday i noticed 10 tiny whiteheads. you cant see then only if you look very closely.. they are very small but i prefer red marks then acne.. and anyway it didnt do anything for my red marks and it also made me very red.