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  1. i just purchased some a few days ago, should be coming soon hopefully. i think people should research b5 a little more. i just read quite a scary post about some extreme negative side effects b5 can have on people, read this thread. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=17024 i'm not trying to put people off buying it i'm just hoping that people won't go too crazy with this new drug
  2. i got that exfoliator aswell. i've been using it for ages, i'm pretty sure it helps. this biore cleanser is quite nice, it leaves the skin feeling quite soft and smooth afterwards. once it runs out i'll look for the original one i was looking for, hope it's still being produced. my skin is weird cos some parts are oily and some bits are flaky, especially around the chin and mouth area or areas which have acne.
  3. i used that clear pore one from neutragena but they stopped doing it now, then i used the 2-in-1 face mask thing but both didn't help as much. i get dry flaky skin even with moisteriser as it is, so depressing. what's the gentler face wash you use?
  4. ok this thing is weird when you put it in your hands mixed with water and rub it in it heats up by itself for about 5-10 seconds, do you people think thats not a good thing because of the chemicals used to cause that effect?
  5. thanks for the reply, i went out today and tried looking for it but couldn't find it exactly, but i got the "warming blackhead fighting cream cleanser" instead, i hope it is just as effective. apparently this thing heats up once mixed with water, tbh i don't like the sound of that, sounds kind of harsh and has some nasty chemicals involved to do that http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....ationid=1017956 would still like to hear from people their experiences with these products, biore an
  6. i had a look at the UK Regimen Suppliers for best products http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=102768 and it mentioned that the Biore Oil Control Cleanser and Boots Tea Tree + Witch Hazel Foaming Face Wash were 2 great ones that the person used. i was hoping if other people could tell me, prefably from experience which of the 2 is better? many thanks.
  7. what is and where can i get this b5?
  8. My parents wont let me get the stuff from the chemist only stuff you can buy in shops i guess they're worried it might cause me problems in the future so i can't get BP. I've been using this regmine since the start of this year and i think 4 months is enough proof or should I wait longer? What is this B5 stuff? Where can I get it? Thanks for the replies
  9. Any help please i am still getting bad cysts
  10. my regime is going really well all I have are the occasional spots, BUT I do still get cysts, but now some of them are just large red bumps that do not hurt, whereas before they were always big nastys. How do I prevent these from popping up in the future, what am I missing?
  11. my acne was MUCH worse before I used this regime (lots of pimples and several cysts), and the sacylic acid seems to be the least harsh of the thigns I have used. It's really toned down the amount of acne I have, but there is still room for improvement. thanks about the exfoliating thing I will keep that in mind.
  12. thanks for the link. I read somewhere on here that BP will have bad conflicts with SA (Sacylic Acid or something like that). That's what's in the cleanser, exfoliator and moisteriser I use, basically everything i use for my regime. is this bad? PS. How often should I exfoliate? The exfoliator i got says "sutible for everyday use" but I read that you shouldn't do it so much...