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  1. that is also the advice Dr. Dubrow (of THE ACNE CURE) dispenses. He says that your Benzoyl peroxide will penetrate better if your face is iced first and if you keep your BP in the fridge and put it on with a cold hand, never allowing the face to heat up before your products are put on. Then put a cold compress on after your put your BP on. It has worked wonders for me. I'm clear and have been for about 5 months now, only have an occasional hormonal zit or two, but the go away within a day or
  2. best thing is to take an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen or advil take two as normal. Then take 2 regular aspirin and crush them up with the back of a spoon and then add a drop or two of water and make a paste. Apply this to the cyst and leave on overnight. During the day if you can apply cold compresses and also use a slice of raw potatoe occasionally that works wonders also. Good luck
  3. The juice from a potatoe is very strong and will dry any zit up fast as well as take the inflammation down pronto. Use just a regular brown russet potatoe. Slice it in half and put it in the fridge for a few hours so it gets juicy and brownish. Then slice a thin layer off (like a potatoe chip) then apply the juicy side (the side that came from the inside of the potatoe) apply that to the zit for about 10 mins or so. Do this several times a day say every few hours and by bedtime you will have a
  4. retin a is bad stuff. I don't know anyone who has had success with it. it just causes bad breakouts and scarring. I would get off the stuff and either use botchlas regimen or the acne cure. if you need to know botchlas treatment go the over the counter message board. Good luck and God Bless you WILL get things under control. take a deep breath and don't let acne win or rob you of one more moment.
  5. according to the acne cure book. In order for these 2 to work effectively they must be done seperately. That's why these things only work temporarily. I am 100% clear and have been since mid July since using the Acne Cure method. I was just killing some time, have this site bookmarked and thought I would pop on to see what was going on. I saw this thread and thought I would share that. God Bless
  6. I have used them all and the Retin A was the worst. It made my face break out horribly and it dried my skin out. It is a get's really bad before it gets better type of Med. The acne cure is immediate results, and easier. I am proof it works! Good luck.
  7. hey everyone! WOW I'm happy to see that some are trying this routine. My skin is still flawless and I can't tell you all how happy I am. I am literally a new person. I thank GOD everyday for Dr. Dubrow and for guiding me to this book. I agree with the person who said that those interested should buy the book. It really is the best way to do the routine and do it RIGHT!. I notice some on here are wanting to take shortcuts and substitute brands and washes for the recommendations that Dr. Du
  8. I have been on it for 6 weeks now. I am clear! 100%. I just do the routine about 3x's per week now. My skin is wonderful. I can honestly say I am free. I know I will have an occasional zit here and there and I can fight them now. My skin is even toned, soft and my pores are so small. My family and friends can not get over how different my skin is. I would highly recommend it. :D/
  9. http://www.prevention.com/cda/feature2002/...80,5489,00.html? or just look at several of the acne cure topics. There are several posts on the board that discuss what people are using.
  10. =D> good stuff! very educational. Thanks for the info. It really does make sense after reading that. It just further clarifies why this routine works and that this the effective way to attack acne. At least...for me.
  11. Congratulations Violeta then you too must be having great results! I'm not familiar with Paula's products. I'm not really a fan of hers so I never felt compelled to follow any thing she said or promoted. Glad you are clear
  12. Carly's- tried for about 6 months. Made face worse...horrible! Dan's - tried for 2 years- The best thing I had ever used up until now. Never 100% clear, but good enough to at least give me back some dignity. I was always red though and had a grainy texture to my face even using moisturiezers. If you aren't going to use the Acne Cure then I would say Dan's Acne.org regimen is the next best thing although in my opinion your cheating yourself by stopping with just that. The Acne Cure - I
  13. I would say moderate to severe for the last 3 years. This past year I had great success with the B5 but only if I would take 10-15 pills per day. I just didn't want to be a slave to pills every 2-3 hours. It was suggested to me by 3 different derms that Accutane was my only hope. I had many lesion on my cheeks, lots of little bumps on my nose and breakouts along my upper lip and jawline. I would get the occasional cyst on my jaw line. I was a 3D mess! I would miss alot of school due
  14. unfortunately i don't have a pic to post. Believe me when I say that I hide or rather i hid when my picture was being taken during all these past years. I'd really be embarrassed for anyone to see what I looked like. I give you my word that this book and Dr.Dubrows method are wonderful and have given me back so much self esteem. I say go for it, you won't regret it!