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  1. True allergies to BP are incredibly rare 1 in a 1000. Initial dermatitis, the redness, flakiness, itchiness we experience is normal and not an allergy. Our skin, incredibly, gets use to it. In this trial, 6 out of about 500 people thought they had developed an allergy, only 1 really had. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.f...3909&query_hl=2 You'd know about an outright allergy to BP before using it, as the allergy is to Benzoic acid, a food additive. BP overdose is very much lik
  2. This is weird. Cos i exactly followed the regimen. Watched the video lots of time. And i encounter very itchy especially on my chin area. Well, I am not exfoliating really either, I had some spots that were peeling a little because they were healing in the first few days, so I gently exfoliated with a soft bristled tooth brush. However, I find that shaving helps alot, but I don't do it everday, because I dont really need to and if I did it would probably cause more irriation and drynes
  3. hi mack, during your first week, do you feel the irritation? the itch on your face? Im into 5th week now and still feeling the itchy-ness. i havent been exfoliating cos at the moment, i dont know what is the best option for me to do this. Could that be the reason?left over dead skins?
  4. could try applying less bp and more moisturiser for a few days where your having the problems? Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. I try using less, but it still flakes. What do you mean by hardening stage? Right now, i dont have any products that can exfoliate my skin. not even AHA. I dont know what to use to gently exfoliate my skin..
  5. The eucerin you heard off is not in the production line anymore.. Anyway, im also looking for something good and gentle to exfoliate my skin. Its getting flaky and ugly especially during my festive season.
  6. Hi, I've been on the regimen for almost 4 weeks. There are still a fair bit of flaking on my chin area and it gets worse after i eat due to the stretching. So, im still wondering if its fine to apply BP gel on top of the flaky skin. Thanks for reading!
  7. yeah, i was about to ask the same question. :idea:
  8. Relax. I have one stubborn pimple on my cheek for almost 1 month. it isnt big. But stubborn. lol Oh my..are you sure its even a pimple? Once i had this bump that never went away for at least 1-2 mths. i thought it was a pimple and finally went to a beautician. Well, she told me it was a kinda growth or smgt. And she extracted it. Instead of pus or blood...this clear jelly-like substance came out. it was quite gross but not as bad as having pus filled pimples. I think it is cos it
  9. Relax. I have one stubborn pimple on my cheek for almost 1 month. it isnt big. But stubborn. lol
  10. Lonestar, you look like the guy from "8 Simple Rules.."
  11. Hey!! the new design is really nice!
  12. The brown patches you describe sounds like dead skins..i guess you should exfoliate them..
  13. Check my thread. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=69946