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  1. I was listening to the news on TV and heard about the following: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/238227.php I believe that it's very interesting.
  2. Your welcome. =)

  3. Bigapple, try the Green (or White) tea/ White (or apple cider) Vinegar method. Alice Kim, did the argan oil cure or dramatically improve your SD even when you don't apply it?
  4. That was the most disgusting thing I have ever taken in my life... and believe me, I did try many things and I am not someone who complains. Moonset, how the heck do you eat this stuff? It was like drinking vomit and I'm not exaggerating at all.
  5. Guess what? In a very uncharacteristic way, while visiting my health store, I bought a pack of brewer's yeast. Usually I research products weeks if not months before I buy something. I'll start taking it tonight. I've never tasted yeast before, but one of the good things is that it contains a lot of protein (43%).
  6. 4 days is still too early. I wish you all the best, but keep us informed.
  8. Has it been well established that Biotin worsens acne? I'd like to know before I try it.
  9. Unless you use a steroid based cream, your skin coloration should not change. Try the vinegar mixed with Green/White tea solution. As for food, try gradually to avoid dairy (except non-fat plain yogurt), sweets and, believe me, fruits.
  10. I'm glad that Somthang and Nbar are seeing results. Keep up the good work. QUICK UPDATE I've tried the sauerkraut and it gave me a funny result. The first time I tried it, my SD improved like it never did before (I postponed my white vinegar-green/white tea treatment on purpose). Meaning that the flakes actually disappeared both on my face and scalp, something that never happened before. Then, I tried eating sauerkraut every day and the SD came back. This was a little bummer, but it made me th
  11. This applies to any issue in life: keep looking for solutions with patience, perseverance and confidence and your issues will improve.
  12. I'm glad that you found something that works. But does this mean that you'll have to take 10 mg of Biotin per day for the rest of your life? And have you seen any side effects after taking so much of this B vitamin?
  13. One advice I can give you is to start washing your face with 50-50 White vinegar-Green/White tea every night. Let the solution dry on your face or on the concerned spots and then wash it away. Do this for a week and then start doing it every other night. Eventually, you'll be able to spread the lapses.
  14. I just tasted raw, fermented sauerkraut and it's D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! I can see myself eating this everyday. But, I have a few questions for those whom it has helped with their dermatitis: - How often do you eat it? - How much do you eat every time? - Do you combine it with other foods? - Have you seen more or less of an effect while combining with certain foods? - Do you cook it or eat it raw? I already eat Red cabbage due to its health properties, this is really a bonus.
  15. I have tried to use the sulfur soap and the salt-based deodorant on my face and it has really improved my SD. However, the sun has come back here in Canada and in addition I kept eating right. I'll wait to see if it was really the sulfur soap and the salt-based deodorant who caused the positive reaction. Some tuna contains high amounts of mercury, choose it carefully. Here some links for fish recommendations: http://www.fda.gov/Food/FoodSafety/Product...y/ucm115644.htm http://www.edf.org/page
  16. Where do you buy it and how often do you consume it?
  17. The best recurrent ratio for me is 50/50. It's also the easiest to apply and to remember. And no, I haven't encountered resistance so far. I've read accounts on the internet of people using vinegar for their whole lives. The good thing is that it also improved the health of my hair. Diet is important and I've just begun to discover it recently. My diet? Well, my diet is a bit Spartan for most people, but it has helped me a great deal and not only with my skin. Basically, I decided to wean mysel
  18. Somethang, I tried only pure White vinegar. I've never used the synthetic one. Sidra, before trying the White vinegar/Green(White) tea solution, I used Protopic. I had good results with Protopic, but it did not cure the Seborrheic Dermatitis. That's when I decided to use my current treatment. I have to admit that the vinegar/tea method has worked better than Protopic, it is much less expensive, less invasive and it's natural.
  19. P.S. Sorry for my tardive reply. My e-mail notifications don't always work well.
  20. I let the tea brew enough so the water becomes as dark as possible, which is at least 5-10 minutes - though I sometimes forget about this and let it steep for up to 12 hours! Moreover, I usually let it steep in room temperature water, mainly because it's more convenient. In addition to the fact that White vinegar works for me, I also realized that the best ratio of tea to vinegar is somewhere close to 50/50 or 60/40. Meaning, although it seems counter intuitive, if I put more vinegar than I shou
  21. Everything is gone. Sometimes, if I'm lazy and don't apply the treatment as often as I should, there's buildup and the next time when I apply the solution, there's some (clean) redness in the spots where the buildup used to be. The redness disappears within one-two days and then it's like I didn't have Seborrheic Dermatitis (SD) at all. I don't use anything else, I don't even wash my face daily. I simply use a 50/50 Green Tea (or White Tea)/White vinegar solution about twice a week on average.T
  22. It is said that hot water helps the bacteria proliferate.
  23. A little update. I keep using a 50/50 Green Tea (or White Tea)/White vinegar solution twice a week on my hair and face and it has been working since I first started using it in April 2009. Recently, I started eating also better and that has helped as well. I've read about coconut oil taking care permanently about scalp seborrheic dermatitis and I will try it as soon as I buy a shower cap.
  24. My SD was minimal as well and then spread throughout my face. Recently, I developed it in the axilla region.
  25. Shampoos fail to work after a certain time. I had success with Vichy's Dercos Anti-Dandruff shampoo for many years until it simply stopped to work. They say that, in order for the shampoos to remain effective, you have to rotate them every few weeks.