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  1. I was listening to the news on TV and heard about the following: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/238227.php I believe that it's very interesting.
  2. Your welcome. =)

  3. Bigapple, try the Green (or White) tea/ White (or apple cider) Vinegar method. Alice Kim, did the argan oil cure or dramatically improve your SD even when you don't apply it?
  4. That was the most disgusting thing I have ever taken in my life... and believe me, I did try many things and I am not someone who complains. Moonset, how the heck do you eat this stuff? It was like drinking vomit and I'm not exaggerating at all.
  5. Guess what? In a very uncharacteristic way, while visiting my health store, I bought a pack of brewer's yeast. Usually I research products weeks if not months before I buy something. I'll start taking it tonight. I've never tasted yeast before, but one of the good things is that it contains a lot of protein (43%).
  6. 4 days is still too early. I wish you all the best, but keep us informed.
  8. Has it been well established that Biotin worsens acne? I'd like to know before I try it.
  9. Unless you use a steroid based cream, your skin coloration should not change. Try the vinegar mixed with Green/White tea solution. As for food, try gradually to avoid dairy (except non-fat plain yogurt), sweets and, believe me, fruits.
  10. I'm glad that Somthang and Nbar are seeing results. Keep up the good work. QUICK UPDATE I've tried the sauerkraut and it gave me a funny result. The first time I tried it, my SD improved like it never did before (I postponed my white vinegar-green/white tea treatment on purpose). Meaning that the flakes actually disappeared both on my face and scalp, something that never happened before. Then, I tried eating sauerkraut every day and the SD came back. This was a little bummer, but it made me th
  11. This applies to any issue in life: keep looking for solutions with patience, perseverance and confidence and your issues will improve.
  12. I'm glad that you found something that works. But does this mean that you'll have to take 10 mg of Biotin per day for the rest of your life? And have you seen any side effects after taking so much of this B vitamin?