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  1. Hi, all. Please respond if you had fractional ablative resurfacing to treat acne scars If you had minimal results or adverse effects, please mention whether you went to an experienced doctor and severity/type of scars. I am seeing conflicting reviews on these lasers. I am thinking of asking for a test spot on my chin to see how my skin responds. I will not be bargain shopping for this treatment. I will only take a chance with a very experienced doctor but I know my olive, Fitzpatrick type III-I
  2. Hi, Tokyogirl I am wondering why you dont go for your origninal doctor since you got a nice improvement with your first deep Fx laser treatment?
  3. I am glad to hear youre getting some significant results. Can you please post who your doctor is? I am in the Los Angeles area and would like to try subcison on my shallow rolling scars with an experienced doctor in this technique. Thanks
  4. Thanks for posting on your subcision experience and your photos. Your scars in the picture look like they might be very shallow rolling scars like mine that are more visible in certain lighting. I have also been looking for an effective and safer procedure than laser for these acne scars. I tried a modified phenol peel for 5K in 2005 with Dr. Rullan which made my skin worse. It was a horrible procedure to go through to get no results. I always try to warn people about him. You look very young a
  5. The right side of my face looks alot less smoother than the left side due to many of these orange pore looking type of scars. I have read fraxel works well on rolling scars which I also have but the orange skin bothers me more. I wonder how much fraxel could smooth these out. They are not deep, like icepicks. What about fillers. Can anything be done to improve these?
  6. People do not attack every positive report on a doctor or treatment that is brought up on this forum. When there are numerous people reporting negative results with a doctor like Dr. Rullan who told them this is the best treatment out there for scars so they could end up with worse skin and more credit card bills, and every so often you get new posters like you who have been lurking in the shadows trying to revive credibility in Dr. Rullan and his procedure, its going to raise red flags in poste
  7. jasmin


    Rupert that little bear is so cute. It made me smile and I needed to. It's good to hear you had such great results with those scars that are still holding up. I have seen your picture earlier and you looked pretty good and young but I was wondering if you had any little fine lines treated with the isologen also? Do you think the evolence filler would be more effective than restylane and longer lasting for scars? I know its so frustrating and I dont blame you for calling them retards. Th
  8. Right now I am so depressed and isologen is the only treatment I would try but why is it taking so long. I thought by this summer it was going to be approved. I have been on their website and read they had some setbacks with the first trial according to them due to injector technique. So they started new trials. I believe I had volume loss on top of further acne scarring with the exoderm phenol and cortisone shots done at the same time. I have been reading about cortisone atrophy and wonder if
  9. Im glad to hear you are seeing results on your cheeks. Do you think it was adding the bluelight that helped to get better results? I think you should mention the craters on your forehead. Ask the doctor what could have caused these and you should get more treatments at no cost if he caused you damage despite the improvements.
  10. Hi Chika, I just looked at your fraxel website and I am looking forward to your progress and really hope you get the 60% improvement you would like. I am wondering if this is what your doctor estimated your improvement could be with the fraxel. I have read posts where people are happy with their results but they dont mention an estimate of improvement and most people who have mentioned 30-40%. Dr. Fitzpatrick in La Jolla told me in the consult that the average rate of improvement is 50% but said