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  1. Hi. I tried using the regimen years ago and saw results but have a problem. I didnt follow the directions correctly and applied the BP directly under my eyes. Since then ive had dark lines under my eyes that increase and decrease in severity but are basically always there. People think im tired a lot of the time. Its so frustrating. Its like the BP really damaged my skin. I dont know what to do to fix it! Pleas help
  2. Since its summer its nice to have a tan but im not sure whats a good sunscreen. Im looking for something to protect my skin so im not burnt but leave me tan so like a spf 15 or less. Whats a good sunscreen to use that doesnt cause breakouts?
  3. ok well i have redmarks but not too many pimples. when looking at myself in a mirror with ok lighting the redmarks arent that noticeable. once i get outside in the sun its horendous. i look like a different person. its not just the marks..my whole face is red like its irritated. i have been using the egg white mask pretty often and bp just on my mouth area. i also am using tazorac on the sides and forhead where i have the most red marks. could i use some of your steps along with taz? i
  4. id had them forever since using bp on them like over 6 months ago and i stopped applying bp under my eyes and it still looked messed up. im stumped and frusterated on how to get rid of them.
  5. Hey thanks for replying. I hadnt really checked this in a while. I pretty much have been using nothing. Some bp and some of the egg white mask. I was thinking maybe doing egg white mask and bp (bp just on areas prone to breakout) in the morning and taz at night but maybe just use taz every other night. Sound good at all? Also it sounded like the directions said to not use any other creams with taz...im not sure if they mean a cream like a moisturizer or they mean a cream like bp. Basicall
  6. Ok well my face got raped. The one day i noticed a lot of burning with this regimin. Next day it was reeealy red. Next day i couldnt even go to school...it looked like i was burnt. So since this past thursday night to today i have used nothing but moistuizer and some BP around my mouth to combat breakouts. Ive barely even used soap when i wash my face. My skin is drying out. I havent had dryness anywhere but around my mouth and neck for so long and now im pealing??? I dont get my skin.
  7. You need to moisturize if your using an acne cream like Benzoyl Peroxide. Do it like Dan's regimin...use BP...wait 15 min...moisturize
  8. Thanks for the response. Well now I know Tazorac does help with redness...who woulda guessed lol. I guess my parents really do care about me and my face cuz they bought it for me even though it wasnt covered on insurance. My mom asked me to guess how much it cost and i really didn't know but thought maybe like $50 or something cuz she made it sound like it was expensive. It was 125 bucks for a little tube that lasts like 6 weeks!!! Well hopefully it all works out. Im still wondering if
  9. Yea im not sure what tetrocycline will do for redness. She said it will also help with my bacne which I only got bad recently. She was really quick with me and kinda treated me like i was dumb for not knowing all about acne. It sounded like she was just giving the routine regimin/treatment to me. The only difference was she gave me Tzorac instead of retin-A. Im not sure if i want to add anything to my regimin...especially if theres going to be an initial breakout. I stuck with Dan's regimi
  10. Well today I went to the doctors to get a checkup on my face and see if they recommended anything new. I had been prescribed retin-A and tetrocycline over a year ago but really barely used it. For a while i didnt do much to treat my face. I was taking tetrocycline but stopped cuz it makes you sick and stuff. I started using the regimin about 4 months ago and have been trying hard to use it frequently. Most of my acne has cleared but ive been left with a bunch of red marks especially on the
  11. Question...since the regimin says you should wait 15 minutes after washing your face, should you wait 15 min after washing and then apply the Baking Soda or Egg White Mask? How about after you wash off the ACV or Egg White Mask...should you wait 15 min. before applying BP? What have you found to work Delna?
  12. Delna, Hey. I have some active acne...actually probably a pretty good amount but its mostly around my temples where i have mostly red spots..have had them for years i bet. I would like that to go away so i could use that as a test spot. I read some of the first and last pages. It sounds like a pretty good concoxion. I bought all the ingredients i didnt have and i tried the egg white mask last night. It made my face really tight it was weird...i guess thats supposed to happen? I didnt hav
  13. Well i dont really use the Clean and Clear Eye Brighening thing cuz it only really covers it up and i dont even know if it does much. Im looking for something to cure it. As well the other stuff i bought i dont use because i think it makes me break out. I seem to have a lot of pimples in this red area and its not right under my eyes...like half an inch. So maybe i could use something not as stong as BP to try to make the pimples go away but then that might just contribute to the redness. I
  14. Yea well what makes me mad is that its like half an inch down under my eyes so i am breaking out there some. Its so weird. I was looking in the mirror today and i looked alright..didnt even notice my acne so much...but these lines under my eyes eeeek! Its just as bad as having bad acne. Im telling my mom ASAP to make a derm appt. cuz i wanna see what they say. I believe if i continue with the regimin i will clear and im on my way but these lines need to go NOW! Ill tell ya what the derm te