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  1. 1-5) everyone responds to these things differently. they break some people out, and do nothing to others. unfortunately, you will have to find out for yourself.
  2. retin A didn't really work for me, but everyone responds to treatments differently. There is every possibility that retin A will clear you up.
  3. hey sammy i went on retin A a while ago. There is pretty much always an initial breakout period, as retin A increases the rate at which skin cells regenerate, so it brings acne to the surface. you need to wait until at least a couple of months for retin A to show its full effects. good luck, chin up!
  4. Actually i'm from the UK, where we spell it "sceptic", or "sceptical". Why do you have to be so aggressive? You are so sure of yourself, and then you go and make a fool of yourself like that. Why do you have to be so aggressive? You are so sure of yourself, and then you go and make a fool of yourself like that. Meanie.
  5. How compassionate. Good to see that you're thinking in the spirit of the Lord and with respect and love for all humanity. Anyway, my point was, all those messages ago ----> I don't doubt that praying can reduce acne. OK? I BELIEVE YOU. What I DON'T believe is that GOD got up off his cloud and reduced the sebum production in your skin or something. My thought is that there is some psychological story to tell about how the act of praying itself reduces stress etc. and in the end benefits
  6. God didn't help you, you helped yourself. So i need to go to church, and get some faith. is THAT where it comes from?
  7. That's really interesting!!! Do they sell this stuff at a pharmacy? Is it a cream or a gel? Does it irritate your face too much?
  8. I think it probably varies from derm to derm, but America have notoriously stringent laws relating to all sorts of prescription drugs - probably one of the more intelligent trends in American law, in my opinion. Anyhow, you say that your derm didn't even do a blood test?! That's really stupid - derms NEED to check and monitor your blood while on roaccutane because it can affect the lipid content of your blood. You should really talk to your derm about this.
  9. hey... I used to have 2 sugars in my tea. But if you reduce the amount of sugar you'll notice that after a while it tastes the same; you're taste buds become more sensitive to the sweetness. So try going down to one! and then none! It is possible that the sugar aggravates your acne, also the caffeine in the tea could aggravate it.
  10. i am a stornger peopel than you because i have better gentics.
  11. if a regimen is working, i wouldnt change it. Its unlikely that you will have grown out of acne in such a short time. unfortunately, acne is quite a long term condition, and you may be on some sort of regimen for a long long time.
  12. hey tommy boi, i just recently changed cleansers as well, and i'm going through a horrible breakout around my mouth area too. a couple right on the lip line too, which look awful, like herpes or something. sigh. i hadn't connected this breakout to changing cleansers. i thought my skin had been irritated by sun and sweat. its very hot at the moment.
  13. i sometimes put savlon on individual spots... i wouldn't slather it all over your face, as it might block pores and make things even worse!