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  1. I've been on it for 6 days now and I can see that it is gradually getting better :D/ I have to go college on the 27th for an 'initial assesment' before I start next month so I'm hoping i'll be clear for then. Thanks for the advice Chika, appreciate it -- Jay
  2. I think chocalate does for most people although it has never been proven. #-o
  3. Is anyone using this product at the mo ?? It's supposed to 'reduce red marks left by previous blemishes and help prevent new ones from forming while providing essential moisture'. Sounds good don't it ?! :-s Has anyone had any success with this ??
  4. Yeh, I agree with some of that but not everything. Saying a person is weak just because they don't go outside is wrong and that is a perception that people with acne would not like to hear again. As someone said, it is a disease without a cure. Some people have really strong persona's so they are able to deal with it better than others. I hardly go outside anymore but I wouldn't say I am a weak person, if anything it is building me up into a stronger person and one day, when I decide to go out,
  5. It sounds like it definately does the job which is cool I've just broke out around the chin because I started using soap which was a massive MASSIVE mistake. ](*,) I'm now on the 3rd day of Erythro-thingy and i'm sooo looking forward to next month, lol. Did anyone's acne get worse before it got better ?? --- Jay ----
  6. Don't feel bad man, it's just the way the body works. I let my hair grow really long so when I break out it covers my forehead.
  7. Yeh the problem with B5 is that you need to take high dosages of it to see any results which is, apparently, very dangerous. I would recommend taking maybe 5-10g for 1 week and see if you suffer any problems. If not go ahead and take it for another week but don't go overboard in dosages and try to gradually reduce the amount you take. Even if you don't sufer any probs it is important that you reduce the amount anyways because you don't know what long-term damage you are causing yourself... :
  8. I see someone with acne and I don't really care, I just get on with what I i'm doing. I have pretty mild acne but I totally understand how you guys feel. Remember, life is short so live it while you can.
  9. Hey ppl. Many of you probably know about all the problems caused by taking B5 daily but I just want to let you know what my doctor said to me today. I've been on B5 (Calcium Pantothenic) for a week (20g a day) and didn't really notice any problems and my acne cleared up really well. I thought it was amazing and I felt great but 1 day I decided to go see the chemists. I told them about B5 and they rang down the poisions lab (or summink like that). Anyway, they told me that I should stop taking
  10. Hey, I just got prescribed this today, pleased to hear the success story I'm on a 2-month supply so hopefully mine will clear up 2. Will keep you all posted.
  11. Hey man, do you know that B5 can cause serious long-term kidney damage ?!? And taking large amounts daily slowly kills your kidney !! 8-[ I just found this out at the doctors. She told me that if I had to take it keep it to small dosages or check out a cosmetic store and ask the experts in there.
  12. Hey guys! I think the people currently on B5 should listen very closely. I started taking B5 Calcium Pantothenic Acid a couple of months ago (20g a day) and I noticed an immediate clear up of my acne, 95% clear now. A couple of weeks ago though I started getting really bad side effects, the runs, dizziness, insomnia etc ... So i decided to go and get more info on them at my pharmacist. She rang somewhere, and about 5 minuted later she told me that I had to stop taking them immediately because
  13. I've never heard of that before but it seems as if that would be a last resort. Their is alot of other treatments that could be sought first, rather than drinking ya own whizz. # http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=7957 Go and check out that thread and try the method...
  14. lol I've been trying to find the end of the cellotape for like 2 hours. #-o Anyways, a quick question, are you supposed to peel it off straight away or leave it for a few minutes ?