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  1. Mine have been on my face for going on 7 months! I hate them...especially the ones on my cheeks.
  2. ha yea ditto! It's probably got something to do with blood circulation?.... I dunno
  3. Does anybody use a primer under their foundation? My skin is really feral from all the acne I had - its gots scars and I have huge ass pores - would a primer make it look smoother and more even? Do primers make you breakout? Thanks
  4. Has anybody tried this Sheer Cover® makeup from Guthy Renker?
  5. Has anyone else noticed that their marks shrink but don't fade?! Mine are. They are still as red as the day I got them, but they are getting smaller (extremely slowly I might add). My sister had marks but hers just faded. Is my skin just weird, or does this happen to other people?
  6. Physicians Formula make a green primer, which i use and is quite good but u hav to blend blend blend to cover it, or they make a concealer which contains SA so it wld help your skin at the same time.
  7. Is it ok to put BP on your face then use an AHA lotion over the top or will it burn the hell outta your skin? And will the BP make the red marks hang around for longer?
  8. Hmmm, my face is kinda the same, only worse than that! I’ve been using an AHA lotion which has helped a couple of the older marks I had shrink and fade a little, but nothing drastic. I went to see a skin specialist and he recommended microdermabrasion so I’m having that done next week. I really hope it works
  9. I'm currently using an AHA Lotion to help my red marks. My skin is a little dry in places and I was wondering if it would be OK to use a moisturiser as well as the lotion, or will that affect how the AHA works? If it's ok, which to apply first??
  10. I went to the skin specialist last Thursday and he wants to try Microdermabrasion. Ireally hope it works, I'm so over my skin being so crap! Has anyone had this done and had success for scars, acne, red marks etc???
  11. I think it's like anything - it depends on the person. I had an initial breakout - it was bad. It lasted for about 2-3 months!
  12. I'm not on Accutane but my skin does get dry somethimes. A good moisturiser i found was a Jojoba Moisture Cream from the Body Shop. I also use Physicians Formula Colour Corrective Primer in green under my foundation. It goes on really smooth and covers quite well so u won't need much concealer.
  13. I tried Bio Oil...it was crap!