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  1. Hey guys, i've been sick and tired of my red marks (some of which i've had for 4 years), and red skin! its also really uneven, everyone thinks i have a raccoon burn (cheeks, nose, chin are really red). Also, the sides of my face below my sideburns and my jaw are really pale. It's really frustrating because im a pretty tanned guy, except for my pale and red face! I got the idea of using one of the moisturizers that gradually fake tans you, so that no one would realise it was fake and i could cont
  2. SurfDude

    Oily Skin

    Hey guys, I wasn't really sure where I should be posting this, but here seems like a suitable place. I've really gotten my acne under control (still get it, not nearly as bad though) over the past few years, but I've been left with very pink irritated skin. I've accepted my "apple cheeks" in all pictures, and the unintentionaly hurtful remarks by friends about it, but I really think the oilyness can be helped. Always having shiny skin in every picture can be frustrating and noticeable, and gives
  3. Hey guys, is there anything wrong with using ACV full strength, not mixed with water? I'm not really sure what people mean when they say that it depends on whether your skin can "handle it". I have sensitive skin, and I use full strength ACV every night. Is this possibly going to break me out? Logically it should just cause red marks to fade faster. My second question is using it, and then after it dries applying topical treatments, such as Stievamycin, which I'm on. Is this alright, or will th
  4. next time drink 10 beers instead of one, that way (as far you'll be able to tell) your skin is amazing! oh, the joys of alcohol
  5. Hey, my recomendation would be to first off not shave in the shower. You can't see what you're doing, and thats just asking for trouble. Go and grab an electric shaver and shave directly after your shower, in a mirror, so your hair is still soft and easily cut. Good luck!
  6. Anyone who's used Steivamycin, or knows anything about it have a comment? I need to know whether to risk continuing to use it, or just stop right now before it screws my skin up!
  7. Hey, I've been battling acne for the past 6 or so years (I'm 18 now), and after a million different products and two Accutane treatments I'm relatively clear (mild-moderate acne). I've just been using benzyl peroxide, but recently was given some Stievamycin Gel as a slight power upgrade. I've been on it for a little over 3 weeks, and I'm getting a huge amount of small whiteheads. I wake up and find about 4 or 5 new ones a day! I've heard that Stievamycin brings everything to the surface, is this
  8. Hey you guys, I've been on a million different things, and now these days I have what could be described as moderate acne. I've just been using bp for the past few months, but recently I have been perscribed Stievamycin, just as a slightly more powerful topical. Back when I first got acne I went on it for a few months and became virtually clear, but after stopping it came back full force and I have never been even close to that level of clear since then. What are you guys' opinion of Stievamycin
  9. Hey you guys, I have been a long term acne sufferer (got it when I was 12, am now 18, have done accutane twice). Over the years all the different products, the most likely culprit of which is accutane, have really destroyed and damaged my skin. I'm not mad though, as the fact is my face wouldn't be at all decent if it hadn't been for them. But enough of what sounds like the first chapter of a book! My face is fairly red, mostly the cheeks. Whenever I smile people ask if I'm really hot or sunbur
  10. Accutane works differently for everyone, but depending on the severity and stubborness of your acne it may require more then one treatment. Personally, I took my first treatment about 3 years ago for about 3 months, I got amazing results and was virtually clear. My skin started to get worse and worse afterwards, and about a year and a half after the first treatment I went on another, again for about 3 months. This helped alot, and my acne is really minor now, but the fact is that accutane wont m
  11. Hey I really sympathise with you! I went on two treatments of accutane, and now its been 2 years since my last treatment ended but my face is still red execpt for circles around my eyes. I've been to a derm and he recomended i try using an anti-redness moisturiser that you can get from any pharmacy, but that didnt seem to do much. What I've personally found to work best is to be as mild as possible on my skin. Basically I only wash my skin twice a day, with lukewarm water. Also, only spot treat
  12. hey, do you know if this is available in canada yet? For instance in stores like London drugs and Shoppers drug mart in Canada?
  13. Hey you guys, I really am interested in trying out a Glycholic peel. My skin is incredibly sensitive from all the acne treatment I have gone through in my life (5% BP left on sensitive places like my cheeks for the night leaves large red patches that take a day to fade). I am thinking that I should probably start with a 10% and work my way up to 30%. But the main question I have is where can I purchase Glycholic Peels in Canada?? I cannot buy them off Ebay, and that's the only place anyone seems
  14. Hey guys, i have red marks left over from acne (and both my cheeks and chin are fairly red, but the marks all over my face are what I'm focusing on). A few 30% glycholic acid peels sound like they could really help me, but I have no clue where to get them! I cant really get anything if its over the internet, I have to be able to get it from a store. I'm in vancouver canada. Would it be possible for a shoppers drug mart or london drugs or some such to carry them? As well, in an earlier post someo