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  1. your pretty eyes are more noticable than anything
  2. he said 70 percent after 5 treatments
  3. no im not obsessed its just that u hardly ever see anyone on a magazine cover that hasnt been airbrushed .. i guess thats what i was trying to get at
  4. look at the cover of forbes this month ... i had to get a report out of that magazine and the guy on the front has pretty bad scars on his face and hes like a millionaire ... just thought that was kinda crazy
  5. hey baz ... hes gay just to let u know
  6. sirgreg23


    ugly me
  7. i wish i could move mine to my chest .... but honestly grow out ur chest hair it looks like it would cover it up some
  8. i know how u feel i dont even look at my face in the mornings i just shower and let the mirror fog up then get dressed .. fix my hair and leave .... my gf thinks i look good soo i just avoid all mirrors and let her look at my ugly face all she wants too lol
  9. i hate my scars but because of them i dont judge people at all .... i treat everyone the same...... treat my gf like a princess even though if i told her that my scars bother me shed think i was crazy cause ive caught her starring at me while im sleeping which i find very funny cause i avoid looking at myself all day long and she can look at me all day and tells me im hot and she is a gorgeous girl herself..... i also enjoy doing things i used to not do like going camping and just finding anythi
  10. i think thats called an excision
  11. wow nicholas cage has some bad scars
  12. wow check this out http://itsb.ucsf.edu/~vcr/ActListAcneScar.html
  13. i can still kinda see it but its no where near as bad ... its almost totally level