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  1. Why buy that stuff? Read my post at http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=45279 . Then read the website at www.acnesupplies.com and decide for yourself! To quote www.acne.org: "A 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream: Several studies show that a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide solution actually works better than the overdrying 10% solutions. So why are most of the benzoyl peroxide medications on the market in 10% strength? Because this is the legal limit for over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide and mar
  2. I have done the calculations and as of this month (March) with our current exchange rate, you get 80% more BP by importing it from the US from www.acnesupplies.com than if you buy BP in Australia at the pharmacy. In the eastern states it would be a bit more than that because BP costs more there. The saving decreases somewhat if you don't buy large amounts (shipping). I bought 10 - the maximum. It's a huge saving no matter how you look at it! I did this calculation and decided to buy 10 on the we
  3. The masturbation acne relation is a perfect example of a correlation being mistaken for a cause and effect. The desire to masturbate and acne are both caused by the same thing - raging hormones. If you have a lot of testosterone in your blood, you will want to masturbate more. You will also get acne through the process we all know well. The two will appear at the same time often and many will realize the correlation and think that one is causing the other, but this is not the case as has be
  4. I recently started getting constant redness under my left eye, not a completely broken blood vessel, but as if my skin were slightly sunburnt there (that isn´t possible) and I´ve had it getting worse for 2 weeks. I´m looking for an answer, and was wondering if it could be that I am icing too strongly on the Acne Cure. Anyone had the same affect or can comment?
  5. Don´t be an idiot, it´s not worth it. Anyway, Dan´s formula should be coming soon, making all of this stuff pointless.
  6. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I had a product on the shelves that I knew was misleading customers and doing nothing for their acne. Some people obviously value the money over morals. Bastards
  7. A good point I think. I have never used that much, although I don´t think putting a lot on will really damage your skin much with 2.5%. I think Dan´s instruction is just based on his own personal experience, but I´ld be interested to hear anything more conclusive.
  8. Thanks guy and good point frances. Acne treatments and such are so full of nonsence, especially in marketing, so one has to be a very critical thinker and challenge everything that´s not supported by evidence, otherwise you´l l end up following poor advice from advertisers. I think frances´ study supports what I was saying =)
  9. I´m sorry, but whenever I start reading this stuff about chemicals and toxins and such my bull radar starts going off big time. What are these toxins in acne medications and foods you are talking about? What makes you think they cause acne? Acne is caused by blocked pores, building up oil secretions and the bacteria that grow in them. Obviously you want to have clean and healthy skin, but thats not because of toxins, it´s to remove things which can clog pores. TTO though is certainly
  10. I do think thats strange that people´s skin can get worse. They must be allergic to the chemicals or using too many for their skin. Still, most people are doing ok.
  11. Strangely enough I have just been noticing red marks on my skin which don´t make sence (not related to acne). I think one reason might be that in these spots near the eyes and the nose we don´t fully wash off the products we put on our skin in those areas (it´s easy to miss them a bit). With 3 products in the AC could they be building up and irritating the skin?
  12. Try just applying it at night and washing off in the morning. You may wish to up to 5% in that case. If you´re swimming much the sun, water and chorine (salt) will help disinfect your skin during the day, so it won´t make too much difference. If you´re clear, 2.5 weeks shouldn´t be enough time for your acne to really get back, if you know what I mean.