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  1. Last night, I was looking really closely at my skin, and I noticed I had these small white lumps underneath the surface that you could only see up close. I squeezed them, and stringy puss came out (eww...). The next day, there were blackheads, and I squeezed them out. Now, I just have two inflamed spots smack-dab in the middle on my face. What can I do to decrease these by tomorrow?
  2. For almost three years I've been a strict follower of Dan's regimen. I'm now almost 20, and my skin is as perfect as I deem it can be. I'm going to start to only apply BP at night, and see how that goes. I'm still strict with cleansing, moisturizing, and supplements, but I'm stopping daytime BP. Wish me luck!
  3. I use Cetaphil for a cleanser. That would do the trick?
  4. When I break-out, I always get acne on my chin, jawline, and above my upper-lip. It's not unbearable, but still annoying. I use an electric shaver, and not a really good one. Should I consider switching to a razor? If so, what's the best razor/cream to get?
  5. Thanks guys! That's some great info. I would like to say that BP is working perfectly for me, but it isn't. I go for about 2 weeks of look just fine like everyone else, and then have 1 week of a breakout with 3-5 pimples. I'm hoping that these supplements will decrease the breakouts. I think I'll try to ease off BP over the summer.
  6. I just started taking fish oil capsules (2400 mg/day) and zinc (50 mg/day). I just started this today. If I continue to do this, would it be wise for me to see if I can ease off my BP after a month or so? I would like to not have to put a chemical on my face twice a day. Would vitamins and minerals take the place of topical meds, or do they just aid the medication in keeping things clear?
  7. Really? Should I only do baking soda mask every other night (or even less frequently)? Also, I have bad allergies to dust, grasses, and cats, and I've been too lazy to drop a Claritin for like 5 years. Would any of that cause acne?
  8. I don't get it. I'm almost 20 years-old, and I still get a break out every couple weeks. I have had no history of adult acne in my family. The worst was my dad, who only had acne in his early high school years. I wash, medicate, and moisturize twice a day, and exfoliate once a day with a baking soda mask. When I have a pimple, I pop it the right way with a sterile needle and all the things they say you should have. I get an hour of exercise each day. I eat rather healthily. Yet, every on
  9. I need help. I do a regular regimen, and I don't really have oily skin, but my moisturizer gives me a really shiny face that I have to dab off with a tissue every hour or so throughout the day. I use Persa-Gel and Cetaphil moisturizer. Is there anything I can add to the moisturizer to make my face look not so shiny, or is there a better one I could try instead?
  10. So could I go about my regular regimen (Dan's) but substitute ACV for the BP gel I'm currently using?
  11. So if I do BP during the day and ACV during the night I should be good?
  12. I want to start ACV treatment. What do I do? Is it a splash or a soak? Does ACV substitute BP? Does the scent linger? Should I drop my previous regimen or gradually ease into it? PLEASE HELP! I NEED ANSWERS!
  13. Never mind. The more I read the less I have faith in this idea. I think I will try a hybrid. Tell me if this sounds good. In the morning ShaveDipShower and wash with cleanserIn the eveningDipWash with cleanserApply BP and moisturizer
  14. I'm so fucking sick of spending 15 minutes every morning applying BP and moisturizer. I'm gonna give this thing a shot. WISH ME LUCK!