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  1. Hey everyone, Thanks for those links. I noticed that one article said alcohol doesn't cause broken caps, so that's good news. Guess I'll have to figure out what's going on with my skin. I don't want to put myself through another accutane regiment. Plus, no derm in their right mind would put me on accutane. I don't have whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples. Just a strange pinkish skin tone and broken caps. Right now, I'll just chalk it up to my irish heritage. Hmm... my mom has the same skin t
  2. 27/m here. I'm a pretty heavy drinker. I drink beer almost every day, usually around a 6 pack or more per day. On weekends, maybe a 12 pack per day. I go to a lot of social events where drinking is the norm. While I know this drinking is not good for me, I am more looking for a relation between beer and skin tone/health. I'm Irish (which explains the drinking haha). Also, because I'm Irish my skin flushes very easily. It has a bumpy red/pink look. Sometimes too oily, sometimes too dry. In cer
  3. 27/m here... Anyone know of any products that work to fight scalp acne? I've tried just about everything with no luck. In the summer, I love shaving my head but I haven't been able to the last few summers because my scalp is breaking out all over the place. I can feel small bumps under my hair and I can pop them like pimples. I've tried a whole bunch of different OTC products but nothing seems to be working. Anyone else have this problem? If so, what do you use? Thank you in advance for y
  4. You have the exact same skintone as I do. When I looked at your second pic, it was like looking in a mirror. Also, like you, I am 27/m. I am of Irish descent, but I feel like my skin is too red and too dry to just chalk it up to heritage. Let me know how your derm visits go. I can't see a derm right now due to money problems, but I'd be interested in knowing what they suggest.
  5. Yesterday I was out with some friends celebrating my friend's bachelor party. Anyway, we get to the restaurant for dinner and I have to use the restroom. I go into the restroom and OF COURSE, it's flourescent lighting. I looked in the mirror and was absolutely disgusted by my skin. It looked so blotchy, pink, and gross, that it ruined my entire night. I left the restroom, and took a seat at the table, and couldn't even enjoy my night with good friends. Even after we left the restaurant and star
  6. I didn't have an initial breakout with accutane (so you might not either), and it helped keep my skin absolutely crystal clear for like 5 years. It will take 2-3 months to start really working. Stock up on plenty of lotion because dry skin is always a side effect... and Good luck! After it's all over with, you'll be glad you did it.
  7. Thanks for the link. I'm not quite sure it's roseacea. No one in my family (on either side) has it. I first starting having this blotchy skin tone and extremely dry skin after treatment with accutane (but that was 8 years ago). The blotchyness never went away, and my skin is especially dry and irritated in the winter, after hot baths, and after working (I work in a very hot, smoky environment). I don't know much about ezcema (spelling?). Since I don't really get many whiteheads/blackheads... I'm
  8. To answer your question, I'm not using anything prescription or OTC right now. I only use warm water to wash my face, and then use lotion. Anything else just dries me out too much. What is metrocream?
  9. I'm calling bullsh*t on this. If you ONLY drank water for 10-15 days, your body would be too weak to do anything. Not eating food for that long is NOT good for you, despite what you claim. Your body needs sugars and proteins to survive.
  10. My skin is always so dry, yet still oily. My skin tone is red/pink and very blotchy. I do not get whiteheads or blackheads too often. Could this be roseacea? Perhaps eczema? After I take a shower, my face feels hot/flushed for hours. I usually have to open my windows and turn on fans to get my skin "calmed down". I use a ton of lotion. Also, if I'm in flourescent lighting (airports are the worst!) then my skin starts to flush and get oily. Why does lighting affect skin tone? I'm confused. In na
  11. The only thing I use is water and lotion (either Cetaphil, Lubriderm, or Gillette with spf15). The brand of lotion doesn't matter as long as your skin doesn't get too dry. I hate hate hate hate OTC facewashes and products. Throw them away. You don't need them. The only thing they're good for is aggravating your skin and wasting your money. -J
  12. The ocean and the sun always clear me up when I go on vacation. It's amazing how healing the ocean can be on skin. I was considering moving somewhere by the ocean too, but I can't stand the constant heat. I hate it. I prefer colder climates. Good luck with your accutane. -J
  13. 26/m here. I have a friend who never seems to break out. Ever. The other night, I asked him what he used to wash his face. This took some courage, because guys really don't like to disscuss these things over beers. But, since I was a little intoxicated I just blurted out "How the f*ck do you keep your skin so clear?" Haha. He told me that his skin looks good now, but in all honesty, he has extremely sensitive skin and if he doesn't use Tea Tree oil he will break out. He swears by Tea Tree oil.
  14. My scalp keeps breaking out!!! Everyday I can see and feel new pimples underneath my hair. Since I like to keep my hair very short, this is becoming a problem. It's embarrassing to shave my head and have my head break out. I have tried the following: - For 2 months, I used Head and Shoulders twice a day. I thought maybe a dry scalp or possible dandruff was contributing to the breakouts, but I guess not. This did nothing. - Nuetrogena T/Sal Shampoo everyday for 1 month. This didn't do anyth