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  1. Ive been doing Jessicas routine of using the oral b electric toothbrush to exfoliate. I do it once a day generally at night and use my garnier pore wash with SA along with it.Ive got to admit it does wonders for red marks and my face feels oh so soft.Its too early to tell if its helping prevent other spots coming as Ive only been doing it for over a week.
  2. So thats me finally went to the doctors for my new pill.Well what a waste of time, I mentioned a few of the pills I had heard about on here but he recomended a total different one which Ill start taking its called loweastron 20 or something along those lines. he basically said it may or may not help and that Its a little tempramental when it comes to birth control and that if I spot bleed then it means its not working so I have to use a second form of contraception for the first two months until
  3. So I decided to get the pure face wash and been using it for just over a week and ive got to say im impressed with it. I have really oily skin and this due to the SA content has dried me right up without being too harsh. Ive noticed my spots are drying and healing up faster and my red marks look as though there fading maybe due o the zinc content. Im impressed but Ill keep using it for a while to see the true results as it could just be an initial clear up.
  4. Yea the armadillo beside the SECC. I got the tickets last christmas for my boyfriend he loves that show. So I hid it in them in a little britain book and wrapped it up . I kept going on about this great present I got him and I made him open it last. he was well disappointed it was a book until he saw the tickets its been a long wait but it will be worth it.
  5. adobetane: Love Love Love the Killers. Would also recommend Snow Patrol, Keiser Chiefs, Razor Light and Im really into Goldfrapp for a little electro funk, there awesome. Im going to the Little Britian live tour in Glasgow next month I love that show its so funny, anyone else going to see it?
  6. Thanks for the info,im more interested in the moisturiser now ive heard more about it , my skin is really greasy just now and oily so i think ill try the cleanser to dry it out a bit and use the moisturiser if it gets too dry. thanks everyone.
  7. Yea Ive heard good things about the moisturisers before. Ill wait till I get more replys and then decide its just ive had bad experience with sayilic(bad spelling) acid before in loreal pure zone products.
  8. I love freederm for spot treating i just keep putting a blob on the spot every half hour before I go to bed. In the morning its totally reduced in size and the redness has really faded. i find that totally overloading the spot until it cant absorb anymore is great. I wouldnt rub it over large areas though it doesnt seem to work that well for that kind of treatment.
  9. has anyone used any of the range. I was at my boyfriends this weekend and forgot my face washes and I used his sisters garnier pure daily cleansing gel with sayilic(bad spelling) acid and added zinc. I had to use it day and night for the whole weekend and it totally dried up my excisting spots. Was just wondering if it would of been the initial clear up or if the products are any good.i dont wanna go buy it only for it to break me out.
  10. Yea microgynon is awfull,wish I had never been on it. The time I spent on dianette was the clearest Ive ever been I only experienced a little brekout at my time of the month, I would give it at least six months before you see any major improvements just stick in there while your able to be allowed on this pill. This pill will not make your acne worse so if it doesnt improve at least it wont aggrivate it while your on it. But Im pretty sure you will see improvements. Wish I was allowed back on it
  11. Let me know how you both get on with those pills, im off to the doctor in two weeks so Ive been gathering info to take with me. Dishstar I noticed on the link you gave me to netdoctor a pill called Co-cyprindiol,it says its a contraceptive for women with acne.Have you ever tried it? My worry would be that because it is similar to dianette that it may only be for short term use as well.
  12. I agree that acne is caused from the inside and most topicals are just a short term relief of the deeper issue. But I disagree that only exercise, water, healthy eating and cleansing will cure your skin problems. I go to the gym two three times a week for over an hour, I walk everywhere, I drink loads of water, I eat healthy and get plenty of sleep yet my acne is still there.My acne is caused by my hormones and in the past have been controlled by the birth control pill until recently. Thats why
  13. I wish I had the guts to go without makeup. Its sometimes a good mask to hide behind!
  14. I was totally down in the dumps the other day. My hormones are going wild and my acne is bad at the moment. I was crying alittle but trying to hide it from my boyfriend. He just took me in his arms asked me what was wrong, when I told him it was my skin he just took my face in his hands(totally un-hygenic but didnt wanna spoil the sentiment) and told me that they were only spots and that with or without them he loves me more than anything in the world.I asked him if he woulda still fell for me i
  15. Looks and confidence doesn't mean someone is attractive! before my acne I was with an absolute stunner of a guy he had looks, money, charm and loads of confidence. But yet he loved himself more than me and the ugliness shone through, I didnt want to be with someone who treated me inferior as there confidence turned to arrogance. To be attractive I believe it depends on personal taste as me and my friends never would fancy the same type of guy. Your right Adam, to a certain extent it mostly is t